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Corporate event planning can be a difficult experience to say the least, and one that those tasked with doing so often dread. Trying to figure out how to properly arrange your event, from hiring the venue to choosing decor and developing a production timeline, can be challenging when you don’t do it all the time.

If you’ve never done much event planning before, how do you know what you’re forgetting or what could be better? How do you interpret a budget and make the best possible use of it? How do you pick a theme; do you even need one? Even worse, how do you know where to begin?

However, there is some good news! You don’t have to tackle all of this alone. An experienced event management consulting team understands what to expect at every turn, which makes them an invaluable addition to the success of any corporate event.

Hiring a professional can save you time and energy while also keeping you within your budget. They will help you with venue selection, staffing, décor, and all kinds of logistics, among (many) other things.

The Pearl Lemon Consultants team are active, engaged event planning experts who work directly in the industry and have the up to date skills, contacts and ideas you need to make your event a success while also reducing the amount of stress you and your staff have to live through to make it through the event sane while also ensuring that it is the success you’re hoping for!

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Simply put, you have marketing ambitions you can’t achieve and challenges you can’t seem to conquer.

Large organizations have long relied on leading consulting firms such as McKinsey or Accenture to assist them in maximizing their marketing efforts and achieve the best possible return on their marketing investments. The marketing consulting business is worth billions of dollars.

However, there are now chances for small businesses like yours to collaborate with established boutique consulting firms like Pearl Lemon Consulting and share in their success. And perhaps even compete against those much larger players by using our advice and expertise to level the playing field.

Small business owners are frequently overworked.

You’ve experienced it…

You dealt with some key business operational concerns today, met with your bookkeeper, feared having to even think about social media or website design, and when you finally had a moment to reflect, you had to rush out for a crucial meeting.

A small business marketing consultant serves as the brains behind your business’  actions. We give you the clarity and concentration you need to design a marketing strategy for your small business that actually works

Expert Event Management Consulting From People Who Have Been There, Done That

Event Vision Planning

Before we do anything else, the Pearl Lemon Consultants event management consulting team will lead you through a very important step that many event consultants and event planners skip: determining just what you want your event to achieve and how best to do that.

The days when there was a one size fits all event ‘template’ that businesses could follow are long gone. If they ever really existed at all. No corporate event should be staged without specific goals in mind, whether those goals are brand building, lead generation, employee engagement, client recognition or a combination of  a few of these factors.

Our team will sit down and listen to just what you want to achieve, and why, but we won’t stop there. We will also take the time to learn about your brand in general, so that we can ensure that the event we help you stage represents it in the best possible light at all times.

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Event App Creation

Instead of printed programs, event apps allow event organizers to add and/or alter event details at any time, with no printer deadlines to meet. Apps often provide all event information, including session descriptions, speaker bios, event agendas, exhibit maps, and more! We can also assist event organizers in generating cash from sponsorship options and engaging attendees through social media and gamification.

Event Programming

The programming schedule of a physical or virtual event is crucial to reaching engagement goals. Pearl Lemon Consultants will gather photos and videos, gamification possibilities, and music selections; build sponsorship and exhibitor packages; and lead breakout sessions, workshop sessions, and networking sessions.

Speaker Management

Pearl Lemon Consultants offers a variety of speaker services to guarantee that each presentation is well-prepared and at ease. We will provide speakers and moderators with best practices, rules for engaging attendees, and speaker training and preparation.

Pearl Lemon Consultants will also handle technical checks, pre-recordings and rehearsals, as well as help you determine, and fulfill, your moderator and emcee requirements.

Attendee Involvement

As seasoned event management consultants, we understand that the devil is in the details. We also understand that every business wants their audience and attendance to leave with the motivation, skills, and resources they need to implement their newly acquired abilities or information in the real world, or with the favorable brand impression you are hoping to impart.

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Event Directives

Have all the manpower you need to arrange your next event, but suspect you’re leaving money on the table? We can provide specific checklists and guidelines based on information gathered over the years to negotiate with venues and vendors, as well as manage your event planning timetable to maximize the bottom line for your program.

Contract Consulting

Hotel and venue contracts are written to protect the venue, not the buyer, and you would need to be a lawyer to fully grasp all of the language in each provision. With a great deal  of expertise working with hotel contracts, we can walk you through the small print before you sign and give suggestions to help you tip the scales back in your favor.

The same holds true of working with other vendors. Catering, entertainment, even merchandising, may all be a part of the plan, and our team will help ensure that any ‘deals struck’ with these vendors are favorable to you and get you as close to just what you want as possible.

If you have been struggling to find vendors that can meet your needs at all, your event management consulting team can help there too. We have a wide range of connections and contacts that allow us to find those vendors who can help make your event a success, from just the right caterers and guest service staff to web developers and even social media experts who can help remote your event to ensure its success.

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Virtual Event Management

Virtual events have become a part of the business landscape now, but many businesses just don’t know how to stage an engaging one that will also provide the benefits they are hoping for.

Pearl Lemon Consultants will assist event organizers in selecting the best platform for their virtual event, whether it be Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Accelevents, Intrado, Pathables, or Hopin.

We will walk hosts through the process of choosing the best one for their event, and then we will create and manage it through the platform. Pearl Lemon Consultants’ event management consulting team has pre-vetted event live streaming providers, virtual event platforms, and third-party solutions to assist clients in removing the guesswork from live event planning.

We can also help businesses who want to stage a hybrid event, something that is becoming increasingly popular across all kinds of industries. As effective as these can be – especially when it comes to drawing a larger set of attendees – they are challenging to stage and manage effectively.

Very few event consulting teams have the experience to do so, but we can confidently say – and prove – that the Pearl Lemon event management consulting team certainly does, as we were staging such events even before the pandemic made them a ‘thing’.

Post Event Services

The Pearl Lemon Consultants event management consulting work does not end when the event does! When you evaluate our post-event playbook, you’ll know your event was a success.

From reports on attendee interaction and help with following up on warm leads generated to the creation and distribution of post event surveys and polls, we provide comprehensive data analytics demonstrating the effectiveness of your event as well as any additional help you need in ensuring that you get the best possible ROI from the event, even long after all the guests have gone home!

Ready to talk about event management consulting? Contact us today and let’s chat!

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