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Is your small business growing as fast as you had hoped it would? Are all your small business marketing efforts failing to offer even decent ROI? You may need a small business marketing consulting firm to step in and help.

A small business marketing consultant is a marketing expert who works with small business owners to discover the gaps and possibilities that are preventing them from reaching their objectives and overcoming obstacles.

Customer awareness, customer retention, competitiveness, and expansion are examples of goals and obstacles that expert small business marketing consultants like those on the Pearl Lemon Consulting team can help with.

In addition, small business marketing consultants help businesses gain clarity, focus, and competence in all the many areas of marketing open to them and create strategies to leverage those that are suited to them to their best advantage.

What is the role of a small business consultant

Have you ever repeatedly failed to meet your business’s objectives?

Perhaps you’d like to improve your sales by 20% but aren’t sure how to do it…

Or perhaps you wanted to boost profits and spent money on advertising to draw more traffic—but nothing materialized.

As small business marketing consultants, if you were working with us, we would have encouraged you to focus on converting the traffic you already have. This is referred to as conversion rate optimization. We would have given you the playbook as well, and even the access to the content creation, PPC and SEO talent to mount the best campaigns.

What about those marketing obstacles that were simply too difficult to overcome? Or so you thought.

It’s possible that you don’t have a mechanism in place to keep past customers coming back. Or maybe you’re having a hard time getting the word out about your company, so as great as what you have to offer is, not enough people even know your business exists.

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Simply put, you have marketing ambitions you can’t achieve and challenges you can’t seem to conquer.

Large organizations have long relied on leading consulting firms such as McKinsey or Accenture to assist them in maximizing their marketing efforts and achieve the best possible return on their marketing investments. The marketing consulting business is worth billions of dollars.

However, there are now chances for small businesses like yours to collaborate with established boutique consulting firms like Pearl Lemon Consulting and share in their success. And perhaps even compete against those much larger players by using our advice and expertise to level the playing field.

Small business owners are frequently overworked.

You’ve experienced it…

You dealt with some key business operational concerns today, met with your bookkeeper, feared having to even think about social media or website design, and when you finally had a moment to reflect, you had to rush out for a crucial meeting.

A small business marketing consultant serves as the brains behind your business’  actions. We give you the clarity and concentration you need to design a marketing strategy for your small business that actually works

When You Should Not Hire a Small Business Marketing Consultant

Hiring a small business marketing consultant is not for everyone, or for every small business.

It’s in our best interest as a small business consulting firm not to say that, but it’s true. In fact, if you fulfill any of these criteria, we strongly advise you not to hire a small company marketing expert right now.

You Aren't a Champion for Your Business

We won’t be able to support you very much if you aren’t endlessly passionate about your products and services. You must be a champion for your products and services as a business owner, and it must be visible. Your target market will not be convinced of the worth of your products or services if you are not.

Your Business Ideas Lack Market validation

If you want someone else to validate your ideas because you don’t have any earned results, then you won’t benefit from the services of a small business marketing consultancy because we are not yes men (or yes women).

It’s tempting to consider hiring someone to do the difficult work for you when you’re just getting started. But then you give up learning how to listen to other viewpoints and market to your potential clients, and place your business’s success or failure in the hands of a third party.

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You See Marketing as a Cost, Not as an Investment

If you don’t invest in sales and marketing because it’s expensive, you’ll be disappointed on every level, including what working with a small business marketing consultant firm can offer you.

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time,” Henry Ford reportedly said. And he was right. If you don’t invest in marketing or have a negative attitude toward it, you’ll find it difficult to accept a basic business essential and to grow your business in any tangible way.

You Hate Change

Working with a small business marketing consultant is not for you if you dislike change or conflicting viewpoints. If you want to achieve results you haven’t seen before, you must be neutral and open to new ways of thinking and acting when it comes to marketing your business to your target audiences.

You're Looking for a Quick Fix

We don’t have any magic bullets to arm you with, if that’s what you are looking for.

Let’s be honest. We’d all be on a beach somewhere, tasting the local seafood if everything worked immediately 100 percent of the time. Or launching rockets into space. Consistently showing up to do the work yields results. We’ll give it our best as your small business marketing consultants, but you’ll have to do the same.

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When You Should Hire a Small Business Marketing Consultant

Still with us? Great. Here are some of the reasons you should hire a small business marketing consultancy – like Pearl Lemon Consulting – to get the most out of what effective marketing can do for your business.

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You Lack Marketing Knowledge and Expertise

You’ve identified marketing knowledge gaps in your organization and want to tap into the expertise of those who have been where you are now and have acquired the knowledge and expertise it takes to mount and execute successful marketing campaigns in the 21st century.

You Welcome an Objective Second Opinion

You value the necessity for a fresh perspective on your current business marketing efforts from someone who isn’t constrained by any internal ties. Because they are not employees of the company, business consultants are practically obliged to do and say things that no one else will.

You are Open to New Ideas

You realize that in business, innovation isn’t a nice-to-have, but a need.

Long-term small business marketing success requires adapting and inventing all the time, as the marketing landscape changes at breakneck speed. You don’t have the time – or even the interest – to keep up with these changes – but a marketing consultancy like Pearl Lemon Consulting does because that’s just what we do!

You Want to Compete on Value, Not Price

You don’t want to compete on price; instead, you want to compete on the value you add to people’s lives and/or businesses.

Price competition is a race to the bottom, which, let’s face it, attracts the worst customers. Working with a small business marketing consultancy firm to develop a strong, unique selling proposition will set you apart from the competition.

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You are Excited About Learning

You are excited by the fact that consulting, by definition, entails education, training and the acquisition of new skills.

Learners are earners, while readers are leaders. That bit is entirely made up, but we believe it to be true. To grow and apply our gained knowledge to your business, you must be willing to learn new things. Because we love teaching them.

You Want to Get a Life

You’ve realized that your business worries are negatively impacting your personal life, and you’d like to remedy that.

It’s no way to live to have anxieties in the back of your mind while you’re with your family or friends. It distracts you and diverts your attention away from the more important aspects of life. Your company should serve you rather than the other way around. Consulting in general can help, and small business marketing consulting especially.

Ready to learn more about what hiring Pearl Lemon Consulting as your small business marketing consultants can do for you? Contact us today to get started.

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