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Whatever niche your business operates in, and whatever its size, there often comes a time in its lifecycle when working with a consultant can be the key to solving pressing problems and/or accelerating business growth.

There are all kinds of consulting niches too, from start up consulting to complex change management consulting and everything (and anything) in between. If you need an expert, the chances are more than good that there are plenty of them available to assist you on a consultative basis.

Why Work With Consultants at All?

Whether you choose to work with one of the large consulting firms or a boutique consultancy like Pearl Lemon Leads, the very first question you’ll need to ask yourself is why work with one at all.

While reviewing your business objectives, which you should be doing, you get the feeling that your company needs to shake things up a little. That you should be doing something different. Or that something’s wrong. Unfortunately, your internal staff lacks the necessary knowledge to implement change.

So, how do you go about it?

Without a doubt, hire a consultant.

A consultant can help your organization obtain a competitive advantage by providing specialized knowledge to assist address specific difficulties.

In a word, they can provide expert advice, analysis, and recommendations that will help you take a more objective approach to growing your organization and increasing sales.

That’s the short answer. To expand on the subject, a consultant can be a big help in any of the following situations:

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The organization lacks expertise in certain areas.

Businesses are usually great at what they do on a basic level. They are experts in their immediate field and they are certainly the best authority on the products and services they offer.

However, when it comes to other areas of their business, they are not experts. Perhaps they know that the tech tools they use are becoming obsolete, but they lack a technical expert to determine how they should go about upgrading. Or they know that their customer experience is not as efficient as it should be, but they are not sure why or how to fix the problem.

A consultant can provide them with the knowledge they lack, and help them execute and implement the changes that need to be made.

Previous attempts by the organization to meet its own demands were unsuccessful.

This is often when we, as a boutique consultancy, find ourselves called in most often. Businesses have tried to fix their own difficulties and failed, and are now ready to admit they need help.

This point also makes a great case for working with a boutique consultancy early on. It’s a lot easier to start off right and then make plans for continuing on the same successful courses of action than it is to make changes in a more established business. It can be done, we do it all the time, but it is usually more ‘painful’ for everyone involved.

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The business will benefit from an outsider's point of view

Business blindness is common in any industry. By business blindness, we mean an inability to see what needs to change and why, simply because your key players are too close to the heart of the business.

Take, for example, the retailer who has always operated from a bricks and mortar store only. They could get into ecommerce, and broaden their horizons, but that’s not the way they ‘do things’ and the idea of selling online seems to be too complicated and uncomfortable.

However, their sales are slumping, and in part, it’s because of the lack of change. As an outside party, a consultant can come in and assess the best ways to boost sales from a customer’s point of view, which is often rather different. A good consultancy will go even further though. They won’t just tell a business what needs to change, they’ll stick around to help them make those changes.

Why Work With a Boutique Consultancy?

Some of the best known names in business in general are consultancies. And to get as ‘big’ as the likes of PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG are, they must be the best right?

While there is no doubt that these are excellent firms in many ways – and we know that’s the case, as some of our own principals have worked for them – there are lots of good reasons to consider working with a boutique consultancy like Pearl Lemon Consulting instead, even if our name is far from as well known.

Greater Innovation

To stand out in a crowded market, smaller businesses must be unique, and they must offer something different. As a result, boutique consultancies (like Pearl Lemon Consulting) are more likely to apply entrepreneurial thinking to their operations.

Boutique consulting firms are more likely to be able to execute cutting-edge strategies and procedures. Large consulting companies, on the other hand, are slower to absorb new concepts due to established operating methods.

This is owing to the fact that changing a business process or disseminating change within a company is more challenging at scale, and, in simpler terms, big businesses follow such inflexible standards that change is something that they avoid, including when it comes to their thinking as consultants.

Ongoing education and innovation is very important to us at Pearl Lemon Consulting. Across the niches we consult on things move fast, and ensuring we are up-to-date is one of the keys to our success, despite our smaller size.


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Work with the Best Consultants

In large consulting firms, a hierarchy exists that assigns younger, less experienced consultants to customers for day-to-day operations, while more senior consultants oversee the project from a high level. Clients are also often given priority over one another. The bigger a business is, the more attention they get.

We don’t do that at Pearl Lemon Consultants. We are lucky enough to work with some ‘big name businesses’, but to us, every business is a big name. Every client is given our best, in terms of our team’s attention, our resources and our time.


Boutique consultancies are typically smaller and more specialised than large consultancies, which offer a wider range of services across multiple industries. Boutique consultancies have the advantage of being able to provide more tailored and personalised services. 

In contrast, large consultancies have the resources and capabilities to tackle complex projects and implement large-scale change.

Working with a boutique consultancy can provide several benefits, including access to niche expertise, close client relationships, and a more flexible and personalised approach. 

Boutique consultancies can also be more agile and responsive to client needs and offer more cost-effective solutions than larger consultancies.

Boutique consultancies are often best suited to smaller or more specialised projects, such as strategic planning, market research, or product development. They may also be engaged in specific aspects of larger projects, such as conducting research or providing specialised expertise.

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