Why Pearl lemon consulting?
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Pearl Lemon Consulting is the brain child of our founder Deepak Shukla after being approached by numerous companies to find out what we do and most importantly HOW we do it. Pearl Lemon Consulting was founded through trial and error of sorts. Business owners often have to try multiple tactics to grow their company sustainably before they find the right marketing mix.

Because we have found what does and does not work best, you can rest assured you can skip this troublesome stage of business growth and talk directly to experts instead. This means you save time, money and stress so you can accomplish what you want faster.

The Pearl Lemon Consulting team has over 30 years of collective experience in business development. On top of that, we are a global team, meaning any time or anywhere there is someone for you to talk to if you have additional questions.

Our team sees success only when you see success. We are a highly nimble team that always aims to over deliver and exceed expectations each and every time.

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