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Employee engagement is more than a buzzword, it’s a formal process that, when implemented correctly, can result in not just happier employees but a more profitable business for them to work in. And while a huge body of statistics exists to demonstrate the value to businesses of employee engagement, far too many overlook it, often to the company’s detriment.

As an expert employee engagement consultancy, Pearl Lemon Consulting works with a wide range of businesses across niches and of many different ages and sizes to ensure that they give this important topic the attention it deserves and reap the (many) benefits of running their business via properly engaged employees.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is a result of the interaction that exists between a company and its employees. It’s all about making your workplace and culture better so that employees feel a connection to the company’s aims and values. Employee engagement is built on an organization’s members’ trust, ethics, and communication.

The following are examples of effective and good employee engagement:

  • Employees are eager to be a part of the organization and team.
  • Your workforce takes pride in their work and their contributions to the company’s success.
  • Employees care about the company’s mission, aims, and objectives and are aware of them. Similarly, the organization recognizes and values employee objectives.

It’s crucial to highlight, though, that it’s not only about employee enthusiasm or contentment; it’s also about how it affects individual and corporate performance and productivity.

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Why is Employee Engagement So Important?

Employee engagement is critical for all businesses because effective solutions help to improve work culture, minimize employee turnover, increase productivity, improve work and customer connections, and impact corporate revenues. Yet, it makes employees happier and converts them into your most ardent supporters.

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How Does Employee Engagement Benefit Your Staff?

Being engaged with their work, company, and coworkers plays a key part in overall happiness and experience for those who work for your business every day. Employees become more energised, efficient, and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Naturally, this has an impact on their own mental health at work, as well as those around them (colleagues and customers).

Why is Employee Engagement Important at the Corporate Level?

Employee engagement is generally more important at the corporate level due to the effect it has on business performance and profitability. However, it also assists executives in identifying the needs and areas where staff morale can be improved. It also aids management in better understanding how to manage teams and create more productive work environments.

Employee Loyalty Increases

You can help ensure employees stay longer by concentrating on employee engagement and formalizing that work by utilizing employee engagement consulting services. As a result, staff retention is high, and turnover costs are low.

Employees that are disengaged and disinterested are more likely to leave quickly and more frequently. Even if your employees aren’t searching for a new job, that doesn’t imply they won’t take a better offer if they come across one.

This means that the top talent you rely on to keep your business going may be just a few steps from the door on any given day if no efforts are being made to actively engage them in their work and secure their loyalty.

They’ll be more invested and dedicated to staying if they care about their work, team mates, and company. The best way to do this is via the kind of formal policies and actions that working with an employee engagement consulting company like Pearl Lemon Consulting can provide.

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Productivity Improvements

Because they enjoy what they do and understand their worth to the firm, engaged people work harder and get more done. That’s just because it’s much more probable that you’ll accomplish something well and be invested if you’re interested in it and have a connection to it.

When people are engaged in the modern workplace, total productivity rises by 20-25 percent. However, due to overworked and anxious personnel, this can be swiftly lost, which is why formalizing consistent employee engagement strategies is a must. 

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Customer Service Improvements

Customer service and client success are important components of any successful organization. After all, the majority of firms rely on customer acquisition and retention to actually make any money.

Employee involvement and engagement boosts the quality of service your firm provides to its customers simply because employees tasked with providing such services care enough about the firm they work for to actively want to do a great job. This is beneficial for customer retention, upsells, and referrals.

Employees that care about the image of the business customers have are more inclined to go above and beyond to guarantee that consumers and clients have a positive experience.

Enhanced Profitability

Most firms’ overall goals are to increase earnings and drive them higher. Sales are 20 percent greater in highly engaged organizations than in disengaged organizations.

If you’re keeping staff on board longer, increasing productivity, and improving customer service, it’s only natural that your sales and earnings will rise as well.

This means it really is critical to reinvest time and money into increasing employee engagement, as the long-term profits are well worth it.

We include the cost of retaining employee engagement consultants in that. The improvements in employee engagement, loyalty and morale we can help you achieve will more than pay for our services in a very short time.

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Increased Employee Happiness and Satisfaction

Employees must be satisfied with their work, or else their interest and enthusiasm would wane. They need to be happy about the idea of heading to work everyday. An employee who dreads doing so will not stick around for long – especially right now when great talent is at a premium across a huge range of business niches – and they won’t give you their best while they are still working for you either.

Improved Adoption of Corporate Initiatives

Employees that are engaged are more willing to participate in new projects designed to increase the company’s bottom line. They’ll appreciate what your organization is trying to do and will gladly participate. As a result, your adoption rates and long-term interest will be excellent.

Employees Who Are Engaged Become Brand Advocates

Employees who are well-informed and engaged are more likely to become brand ambassadors. This includes word-of-mouth marketing, social media sharing, and assisting with your marketing reach and employer brand.

Employees are the most dependable spokespersons for your business and its services or products. Employee advocacy is what it’s called, and it’ll start to happen on its own.

Why Work With Employee Engagement Consultants?

Many managers and business executives would tell you that their staff are enthusiastic about their jobs and the company they work for.

Regrettably, this is not the case: Only 15% of employees throughout the world are engaged in their employment, according to a Gallup research study.

However, even if business owners are willing to recognise they might have a problem knowing that you need to improve employee engagement is one thing, actually doing it is quite another.

Many companies feel they lack the time to delve too deeply into the issue, or that the measures they would need to take to boost employee engagement will cost too much.

Working with employee engagement consultants, like those on the Pearl Lemon Consulting team, will help to uncover the true extent of the problem, create a workable strategy for improvement and a plan for fully implementing it.

When you work with Pearl Lemon Consulting, we go even further. Rather than just telling you what we think you should do we will be an active part of the solution implementation.

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One big bar to real employee engagement is that far too often employees are afraid to say what they really think, fearing retribution or penalties. So, rather than do that, they do the bare minimum until they can find a better job. Which is no way to run a business and certainly no way for anyone to live.

As your employee engagement consultants, we can serve as the objective third party that employees almost always feel more comfortable being open and honest with. And it’s only through open and honest communication that any formal employee engagement initiatives can work.

But that’s not all. Because it is time-consuming stuff, we will stick around and help with the implementation of employee engagement initiatives we recommend and educate managers in the use of tools and techniques to ensure the results can be measured as time passes. In short, we never just come in, tell you what we think you should do and leave, we are there every step of the way as you make an effort to boost employee engagement.

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