E-commerce Consultancy

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Cutting-edge technology, penetration of ML-based automation, upcoming platforms and digital channels, developing business strategies, and AI-algorithms for managing customer experience are all things that ecommerce firms must keep track of today. As well.of course, of changing consumers wants and needs and ecommerce marketing best practices. It’s a lot to deal with, to say the least.

In today’s rapidly changing ecommerce and technology market, having a well-defined digital ecommerce strategy is critical to maximizing your company’s performance and boosting sales figures. Pearl Lemon Consultants provides global businesses with custom ecommerce consultancy services and planning expertise so that they can stay on top of market developments and boost your bottom line.

Whether you run your retail operations on one of the popular ecommerce systems such as Magento Commerce, SAP Hybris, WooCommerce Shopify, and others, or have your own bespoke ecommerce platform, our experienced ecommerce consultants will help in creating and delivering seamless client experiences.

Our ecommerce consultants can advise, guide and help you implement everything from analyzing your current ecommerce site to building a strategy to improve customer engagement and increase sales to uncovering omnichannel opportunities you may have been too busy to spot.

To meet your digital commerce goals, take advantage of our enterprise-grade ecommerce consultancy services. Contact us today to learn more.

E-Commerce Consultancy
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What is an ecommerce Consultancy and
How Do They Help ecommerce Businesses?

E-Commerce Consultancy

Conversion Optimization

Our ecommerce consultancy is made up of ecommerce experts who understand what converts and what doesn’t, or at the very least how to find out through a systematic approach of A/B testing and analysis.

Whether you’re a small business selling through your own Shopify store, an eBay store, or a larger firm selling a higher volume of goods via your own site, Pearl Lemon Consultants’ ecommerce specialists can boost your conversion rates. We may do this with little modifications, or significant changes might be called for. Every business is different, and we always keep that fact top of mind to ensure we are offering the best possible advice.

Our eCommerce experts have worked with a variety of businesses and conducted hundreds of tests to see what works and, maybe more significantly, what doesn’t. For example, we can point out where the ordering process is overly complex and should be simplified, resulting in fewer shoppers abandoning shopping carts. Even minor modifications like these can frequently have an instant positive impact on sales.


Working with an ecommerce consultancy can frequently make the biggest difference in terms of advertising. A fantastic ad will have exponentially better outcomes than a “good” ad.

Our eCommerce specialists can help you figure out how to develop a winning offer that sells, what kind of process to send your leads through, and how to actively engage your audience using social media advertisements. You may have noticed that good social media advertising must be well-planned, targeted, and engaging for your target audience, but you must also have a well-planned, smooth procedure for re-engaging and following up with that audience.

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Product Selection

Pearl Lemon Consultants ecommerce experts understand what distinguishes a winning product from a losing one. Our ecommerce consultant staff has been through the process countless times, and we will help you in determining how to improve your current products, deciding which things to add to your offering, and even in determining the appropriate pricing for those products.

Many of our consultants, for example, have a set of criteria they’ve used in the past to identify winning products for an Amazon store. They’ll know what kind of search volume, sales, and competition you’d expect from a winning product, and they’ll be able to help you figure out which chances are winners and which are losers.

Selecting and Negotiating with Vendors

As team members at a successful ecommerce consultancy, our ecommerce consultants are well-versed in the process of sourcing and obtaining products from vendors. They may be able to assist you in negotiating better pricing with suppliers, improving the quality and consistency of your products, and saving time by completing deals more quickly.

Improperly procured products can cause a slew of problems, and an expert can help you prevent them, boosting the viability of your products and, ultimately, your business. This is especially true right now, in a time of interrupted supply chains, shipping delays and product shortages. Our ecommerce consultancy can help you navigate and overcome these extra hurdles and keep your supply chain moving, even if your competition is stalled.

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Customer Satisfaction

It’s critical to keep track of your reviews, but it can be tedious and time-consuming and so is often overlooked. You can stay on top of how your customers are reacting to your products by having us examine how your business is handling this necessary task, have needed changes for your website or listing pointed out for you, and ensure that issues are resolved before negative reviews result in lost sales.

Customers and potential customers may have questions regarding your product you are not answering well enough, or fast enough, or your site may be frustratingly slow or confusing. You may be unintentionally setting false expectations or failing to showcase what you sell in the best light. As your ecommerce consultancy we can help you with all this and more to help ensure that your customers remain not just satisfied, but delighted.

Exploring New Marketplaces

With so many online markets, there’s plenty of opportunity to expand your ecommerce business to new platforms. Each of these marketplaces, however, has its own set of rules, processes, and strategies. Using an eCommerce consultant can help you get up and running on new markets faster and increase your revenues. Simple errors can take weeks to fix on these platforms. The processes and phrases can be perplexing, and getting them properly may take some effort and investigation.

Working with Pearl Lemon Consultants can, and will, prevent these complications and help you showcase your  products to a new, potentially very profitable audience you haven’t tapped before.

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