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Organisation design is the accepted industry term for a managed process for identifying poorly functioning components of a business’s workflow, procedures, systems, and structures, realigning them to match current business realities/goals, and then creating strategies to implement the new changes. The procedure focuses on both the business’s technological and human elements.

The organisation design process often leads to increased organizational efficiency, improved results across a wide variety of critical verticals (profitability, customer service, internal operations), and more empowered and committed employees.

This all sounds complicated, and it can appear that way at first, especially if a company has been around for a long time or if some stakeholders believe things are OK the way they are and see no reason to change.

As organisation design consultants, the Pearl Lemon Consulting team has assisted a diverse spectrum of firms in improving their operations through better organisation design.

It is not necessary to be a Fortune 500 business to benefit from improved organisation design. You don’t even have to be a long-established company. In fact, because prevention is always preferable to cure, organisations in their early stages frequently benefit the most from  organisation design consulting. Startups that get off to the best possible start can weather all kinds of storms that their less well-organised competitors may not be able to endure.

Organisation Design's Major Advantages and Potential Drawbacks

The framework for integrating a firm’s fundamental elements: people, information, and technology is known as Organisation design.  Organisation design considers organisational structure such as management hierarchies and departmental groupings, as well as a company’s technology infrastructure and operations workflow.

Organisation design can backfire if it is poorly designed or implemented, leaving firms with a whole new set of problems to deal with. This is one of the most essential reasons to start the process with expert organisation design consulting.

Knowing what organisation design can achieve for your company is a wonderful place to start:

Organisation Design and Clarity

Reporting relationships, decision-making, information flow, and work processes are all explicit in a well-designed company. With a well-crafted design, everyone knows exactly what they are responsible for, who they report to, and what other employees are responsible for. This can aid a company’s operational efficiency, particularly if it is a larger one.

However, there are some drawbacks to this level of transparency. Employees at smaller enterprises without a defined framework, for example, may be required to perform a variety of tasks that are unrelated to their job title. Employees in highly organised structures, on the other hand, may reject or refuse to perform work that is not related to their job.

The latter drawbacks can be avoided if organisation design is established and implemented with the particular business in mind at all times, rather than following a rigid set of best practices.

The Pearl Lemon Consulting team, as experienced organisation design consulting experts, are willing to go the extra mile, taking the time to learn about each client’s business so that potential roadblocks to clarity in organisation design are identified and addressed early in the process, and a strategy is developed to overcome them.

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Business Development Bonuses

A firm with a well-designed organisation may be better positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities than one with a chaotic design or none at all.

As the firm grows, a good organisation design can include, for example, a technical infrastructure that allows the company to seamlessly incorporate additional employee workstation equipment into the company network. A company that has not planned for technological expansion, on the other hand, may face unnecessary challenges when hiring even a single employee.

Increased Adaptability

Current market conditions and industry advancements typically affect organisation design techniques. The problem with this strict specialization is that conditions and trends change often, if not continuously, in most industries.

A focus on rigid organisation design may lead to firms that are well-suited to today’s competitive environment, but less well-equipped to adapt to future developments.

When it comes to designing and implementing a design for a unique firm, Pearl Lemon Consulting’s organisation design consulting team is well aware of the possible drawbacks of overly rigid thinking. Because no two businesses are the same, it’s only natural that no single  organisation design ‘playbook’ can help them all.

When businesses collaborate with us, we provide them with a roadmap for an organisation design that considers both future developments – whatever they may be – and existing best practices. This requires more creative thinking on the side of the consulting team, as well as more questioning and research, but it’s work we’re happy to do to assure the establishment of a stronger organisation design for each firm we deal with.

Expanded Employee Opportunities

Securing and maintaining the top people needed to keep a firm on track and help it have a successful future is becoming increasingly difficult in a tight labour market, which is a reality in most business sectors and industries right now.

When it comes to choosing a job, an increasing percentage of employees want more than simply a good salary. They want to know that their efforts and skills will be acknowledged, and that if they prove deserving, advancement possibilities will be available.

Only a well-designed organisational structure can assist in the creation of a system that provides them with this certainty while also resulting in a more productive workforce for the company. People work harder, better, and smarter when they have a purpose to work toward. That’s just basic business etiquette.

When you engage with Pearl Lemon Consulting on your organisation design, we’ll make sure that these crucial issues are taken into account, as well as properly established advancement tracks and employee recognition programs.

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What Makes Pearl Lemon Consulting Unique

We are well aware that we are far from the only consulting firm that provides organisation design consulting services. We are also well aware that we have plenty of healthy competition, from the Big Four consulting firms to other boutique consulting businesses. So, why should you go with Pearl Lemon Consulting?

The most obvious answer is that we are among the finest at what we do, and we definitely think that is the case. We have client testimonials to back up our claims. But we also think that our devotion to our clients, as well as the talents and experience of our consulting team, are what truly distinguishes us as organisation design consultants.

The organisation design consulting team at Pearl Lemon Consulting does not simply come in and tell you what you should do based on all of the best business school information, then leave you with a one-size-fits-all strategy.

We are involved in every step of the organisation design process, and even after the initial adjustments have been made, we are accessible to help with any problems that develop as the project progresses, as well as any tweaks and changes that are required to keep the plan on track.

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Businesses employ organisation design consultants to support them in developing an efficient organisational structure that supports their objectives and strategies and guarantees the success of their organisational design projects.

An organisation design consultant typically works closely with an organisation to understand its goals and strategies, assess the current organisational structure and systems, and develop recommendations for improvement. 

The consultant then provides support and guidance in implementing the design, helping the organisation manage change and ensure a successful outcome.

The benefits of using an organisation design consultant include improved organisational efficiency and effectiveness, reduced costs, increased agility and competitiveness, and a more successful outcome for organisational design initiatives. 

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