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Did you know that 60% of the ‘temporary’ company closures brought on by the COVID-19 crisis are now irreversible?

You’ve come to the right place if your business is one of many that finds it difficult to stay afloat, adjust to current market developments, let alone generate revenue and encourage repeat business.

Your company will stand to benefit a lot by hiring a specialist with a firm grasp of the markets’ pulse, from digitalization to spotting newly emerging business prospects. Specialists like those on the Pearl Lemon business growth consulting team.

What is Business Growth Consulting?

Most businesses reach a point in their life cycle where they plateau, encountering specific obstacles that impede or discourage further growth. It is at this point that any business is at its most vulnerable, as a failure to achieve growth, especially if their competitors are managing to expand successfully, can be their downfall.

These growth challenges could be any of the following (and more):

  • Inadequate management
  • Lack of market understanding
  • Taking too little time to consider the needs of customers
  • Financial obstacles
  • Lack of a “growth mindset”
  • Poorly thought out business planning
  • Mistakes in marketing
  • Not delivering on client expectations
  • Failure to attract and/or retain crucial talent
  • Rapid, unsustainable expansion
  • Business branding mistakes

A dedicated business growth consulting team can truly make a difference in these situations.

By spotting opportunities for internal process improvement as well as growth potential through optimized or new revenue streams, these consultants assist firms in improving performance and efficiency and achieving long term, sustainable growth.

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The Business Growth Consulting Roadmap

There is no one size fits all plan for business growth, so any good business growth consulting plan should be personalized and bespoke. However, the process will usually follow a basic roadmap.

The primary phases that business growth consulting teams – including the Perl lemon Consultants team solutions typically cover are as follows:

Discovery and Discussion

A needs analysis and business diagnostic are the main topics of this phase. To learn as much as they can about the client, the business growth consultant does extensive study, researching not just the business itself but the people who make it ‘tick’ and the brand presented to the world to represent it.

Then, these professionals inquire about the client’s target market, main competitors, business objectives, major difficulties, personnel issues, and other relevant topics.

Long-term Strategic Planning

Following this extensive assessment and the collection of the necessary information, business growth consultants can move the project forward and develop a strategic action plan. The long-term objectives of the company, the resources and knowledge required to attain them, as well as any possibilities for growth, will be the main topics of this plan.

Acquisitions and Training

In this step, a business growth consultant ensures that the organization’s team thoroughly comprehends the new business strategies, as well as the actions they should put into practice. They will also advise stakeholders on what must be acquired, often in terms of both new assets and new talent to move ahead with their plans for business growth.

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Action Plan Implementation

During this phase, the customers put the consultant’s recommended strategies and techniques into practice. This phase will ensure the businesses are on the correct path to achieving their business goals and generating quantifiable results through responsive monitoring and oversight.

Ongoing Evaluation

The business growth consultant’s work is not finished after the customer puts the growth strategies into practice. At this stage, the clients and their consultants assess the project to gauge the effectiveness of the adopted tactics.

Some business consultants may also cooperate with their clients over an extended period of time and provide ongoing training and support as their clients require it for particular parts of their businesses. This is exactly what Pearl Lemon Consultants team of business growth specialists does as we believe our work is never really done, as the fact is there is always room for growth!

What Benefits Can Pearl Lemon Consultants Offer?

Our business growth consulting professionals can offer a variety of business consulting services, depending on the particular requirements and objectives of each organization.

As a result, our services may involve everything from creating the fundamentals of a business strategy to restructure the organization to improve profitability, optimize performance, and plug revenue leakage to staff training at any and all levels, talent management, mergers and acquisitions advice and more.

But what do these things actually look like in practice? Just what will you be paying Pearl Lemon Consultants to do? Here are some examples of the particular tasks they might be doing when you partner with our business consulting experts.

Conduct training on business introspection to identify or reposition your company’s pillars, including your unique value proposition, practical and psychological advantages, buyer personas, elevator pitches, SWOT analysis, and more.

Engage with branding professionals to establish the company’s goal, vision, and brand values in order to synchronize them across internal and external communication channels and create a consistent identity.

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Taking Charge of the Process

Analyze the competition to challenge their strategies and spot untapped opportunities.

Examine their current business strategies and carry out market research to find new sources of income.

Examine the client’s organizational structure, including internal vs. external resources, hiring practices, and any talent shortages or surpluses.

Actions strategies to maximize spending and plug revenue leakage.

Our business growth consulting professionals can also provide other business consulting services such as

  • Sales planning and analysis
  • Marketing and advertising consulting
  • PR, branding and reputation management consulting
  • IT consulting
  • Web consulting
  • Performance management consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Project management consulting

The Benefits of Business Growth Consulting

There are all kinds of benefits to be gained from working with a team of dedicated and experienced business growth consulting experts like those on the Pearl Lemon Consultants team. These include all of these big benefits:

You'll Get a New, Unbiased Perspective on Your Business

It typically happens that business owners are unable to objectively recognize the real issues affecting their businesses.

Among the main reasons that smaller businesses and startups fail are a desire to uphold tradition, a lack of experience, or a fear of change.

Consultants for business growth have the knowledge and experience required to see the big picture, so they can assist firms in overcoming these difficulties.

In other words, they view your company as a component of a large ecosystem that also includes your target market and your industry.

These professionals act as an objective resource who is not emotionally invested in your company and who gives you the confidence to take calculated risks by bringing a successful track record to the table.

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You’ll Get Relevant Experience and Deep Insight

When you work with Pearl Lemon Consultants as your business growth consulting team you gain access to a variety of experts from every sector of the consulting industry.

Many of our business growth consultants have worked in large organizations where they held senior positions for years in specialized jobs. Others have experience starting businesses from scratch and are also entrepreneurs themselves. Some are even seasoned investors who can see the potential in companies. All of them can help accelerate your unique business’ growth, and will make any and all efforts needed to do so.

You’ll Get Access to Valuable New Tools and Resources

Our business growth consultants typically come ‘armed’ with a variety of valuable resources, including costly software subscriptions, the most recent market data, and cutting-edge software tools.

We’re talking about data resources and in-depth market research papers that cost anywhere from hundreds a month (for MOZ and Ahrefs, for example) to thousands of dollars each year in data service, PR and other subscription costs. We’ll give you access to all of this for free, and offer use of these tools and resources for as long as they are needed.

You’ll Get a Bespoke, Agile Approach to Business Growth Consulting

When it comes to business growth consulting services, there is no universally applicable solution. No one size fits all plans.

Our business growth consultants take the time to learn about the issues and client demands in order to customize their recommendations and strategic action plans to each individual client’s objectives and challenges. This helps businesses we work with grow and achieve the desired results.

Additionally, our specialists assist businesses define the appropriate objectives, benchmarks, KPIs for performance evaluation, and strategy revisions using a results-oriented approach. And we do so as long term, committed partners who are as invested in successful growth for your company as you are.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Consultants?
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Do I Need Business Growth Consulting Help?

Services for business growth consulting are not just applicable to certain industries or sizes of businesses.

In reality, employing a business growth consultant can be advantageous for both new and established businesses.

Working together with these professionals is a smart idea if:

  • You require an interim leader with experience.
  • You notice that business growth is slowing and you need to develop new strategies.
  • Despite having a tight budget, you would rather spend it to hire a skilled high level professional with a track record on a short-term contract than on a mid-senior internal resource.

Investing in specialized resources like these could be a game-changing decision for your organization, particularly in trying times like these with the COVID-19 crises’ aftermath and global economic crises affecting every business sector, times when most organizations are finding they need to fight to stay in business.

When you work with Pearl Lemon Consultants business growth consulting specialists we’ll ensure that not only does your business survive, that it thrives, and achieves the growth you so badly need even as other businesses fade away. Contact us today to get started, we can’t wait to help.  

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