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Is your business booming as briskly as you had hoped? Are you experiencing a lack of even a respectable ROI from your business marketing efforts? Are you confused by the abundance of marketing options and platforms available to you? If so, you could probably use the help of an expert marketing consultancy company.

The teams from Pearl Lemon Consultants, a leading London based, globally operating marketing consultancy company, are made up of marketing specialists who work with business owners and entrepreneurs to identify the opportunities and gaps impeding their ability to accomplish their marketing goals and overcome marketing challenges.

Expert business marketing consultants like those on the Pearl Lemon Consultants team can assist with all kinds of common objectives and challenges like consumer awareness, customer retention, competitiveness, and expansion and much more.

Our expert marketing consultants also assist companies in gaining clarity, focus, and expertise in the vast array of marketing options available to them, as well as in developing strategies to best utilize those options.

What Does a Marketing Consultancy Company Really Do?

Have you ever consistently fallen short of your company’s marketing goals?

Maybe you want to increase sales by 20% but are unsure how to go about it.

Or perhaps you tried spending money on advertising to increase traffic in an effort to increase earnings, but nothing happened. Except the project depleted your bank account.

If you were working with us as your business marketing consultants, we would have urged you to concentrate on converting the traffic you already have. Conversion rate optimization is the term used to describe this. We would have provided you with the campaign strategy and even access to the top PPC, SEO, and content development skills.

What about those marketing challenges that proved to be too challenging to overcome? Or so you believed.

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You might not have a system in place to entice previous customers to return. Or perhaps you’re having trouble spreading the word about your business, so despite the excellent things you have to offer, not many people are even aware that they exist.

Simply put, you have problems and marketing goals that you are unable to overcome.

Huge Fortune 500 enterprises have relied on reputable marketing consultancy companies for a long time to help them maximize their marketing efforts and get the best return on their marketing expenses, such as McKinsey or Accenture. There are many billions of dollars tied up in the marketing consulting industry.

But there are now opportunities for organizations like yours to work with well-known boutique consulting firms like Pearl Lemon Consultants and benefit from their success. And potentially even compete against those much bigger players by leveling the playing field with our wise counsel and extensive experience.

SMB business owners and entrepreneurs frequently work too many hours.

You’ve been through it…

You had to dash out to a major meeting after dealing with some important business operating issues, meet with your bookkeeper, and you are dreading even thinking about marketing.

The help you need can be provided by our marketing consultancy company. We help you focus and gain the clarity you need to create a business marketing plan that actually works.

Why You Might Not Need to Hire a Marketing Consultancy Company

A marketing consultancy company is not right for every small business or every entrepreneurial individual.

As a business marketing consulting firm, it would be ideal if we avoided saying that, yet it is true. In fact, if you fit any of these descriptions, we highly advise against hiring a marketing consultancy company at this time.

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You Don't Support Your Business Like the Champion It Deserves

You won’t be satisfied on every level, including what working with a marketing consultancy company may offer you, if you are loathe to invest in sales and marketing because it seems too pricey.

Henry Ford famously quipped, “A man who quits advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” He was correct, too. You’ll find it challenging to embrace a fundamental business requirement and to build your business in any noticeable way if you don’t invest in marketing or have a bad attitude toward it.

Data Breaches aYou Detest Change.

You shouldn’t hire a marketing consultancy company if you don’t like change or opposing ideas. When it comes to marketing your company to your target audiences, you must be impartial and open to new ways of thinking and doing if you want to see outcomes you haven’t seen before.

You're Looking for Instant Marketing Miracles

If you’re looking for miracle marketing solutions that will work in a week, we’re sorry but we don’t have any to offer you.

Let’s be real here. If everything worked instantly every time, we’d all be relaxing on a beach, enjoying the fresh seafood or firing off rockets into space. Results are produced by consistently turning up to do the work. As your small business marketing experts, we’ll do our very best, but it’s up to you to match that effort.

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When to Consult a Marketing Consultancy Company

Still with us? Great. To maximize the benefits of effective marketing for your company,  this when to work with a small business marketing agency like Pearl Lemon Consulting:

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You Lack Business Marketing Expertise and Knowledge

You’ve determined that there are marketing knowledge gaps in your company and want to draw on the experience of individuals who have been in your shoes and have gained the skills necessary to plan and carry out effective marketing campaigns in the twenty-first century.

You Value a Second, Objective Opinion.

You see the value of getting an outsider’s new perspective on your existing marketing initiatives for your company. Business marketing consultants practically have to do and say things that no one else will because they are not firm employees.

You're Receptive to Fresh Ideas


You understand that innovation in business is a need rather than a nice-to-have.

Given how quickly the marketing landscape is changing, long-term business marketing success necessitates constant innovation and adaptation. You don’t have the time, or even the desire, to stay on top of these changes, but Pearl Lemon Consultants, a dedicated marketing consultancy, does because that’s what we do!

You Want to Compete Based on Value Rather Than Price

Instead of competing on price, you should do so on the basis of the value you offer to people’s lives and/or businesses.

Price competition is a downward spiral that, let’s face it, draws the worst customers. You will stand out from the competition by working with a small business marketing consultancy agency to create a solid, unique selling proposition.

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You're Interested in Learning

The fact is that consulting by definition necessitates education, training, and the development of new abilities excites you.

While readers are leaders, learners are earners. That portion is purely fabricated, but we believe it to be truthful. You must be open to learning new things if you want to develop and then use our acquired expertise in your business. And we enjoy teaching them.

You're Interested in LeaYou Want to Get a Lifearning

You’ve come to the conclusion that your anxieties about work are having a bad impact on your personal life, and you want to change that.

Being anxious, stressed out and exhausted when spending time with family or friends is not a healthy way to live. It draws your attention away from the more significant parts of life and serves as a distraction. Instead of the other way around, your firm should be there to serve you. Business marketing consulting, in particular, can be helpful in helping you get something else you probably really want: a life.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of using Pearl Lemon Consulting as your marketing consultancy company? To get started, get in touch with us today.

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