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As businesses struggle to adapt to changing circumstances, financial volatility, international rivalry, and digital disruption are creating an increase in business failures and restructurings in all kinds of industries.

Debt levels have reached all-time highs, and large and small businesses across are suffering massive disruptions. Coping with this new reality is getting more difficult, necessitating the vision to weather a crisis, and the agility to respond quickly to unforeseen change.

Digging a business out of a hole is especially difficult for those in a crisis. Even the company’s owners aren’t always aware of what’s gone wrong, and worry and anxiety cloud their judgment, preventing them from charting a path toward safer waters.

Restructuring consulting is a discipline in which an experienced team of consultants – frequently from a wide range of professional disciplines – come in and lead these organizations, assisting them in determining the best ways to make adjustments that will return their business to profitability and growth.

As trusted restructuring consultants, we collaborate in a measured and timely manner to provide stability in turbulent situations, enabling effective solutions that focus on delivering value and optimizing recovery for all stakeholders. We have a reputation for navigating challenging procedures and achieving consensus among diverse stakeholder groups, even if their viewpoints are now poles apart.

The Most Serious Threats to Today's Businesses

Businesses are confronted with difficulties never seen before, as well as some that are all too familiar to those who have followed the rise and collapse of industries over time. As restructuring consultants, we’ve noticed that the combination of these issues is wreaking havoc on companies of all kinds. But what are the most serious issues? Here are a few of the most significant:

Data Dangers

Almost every organization, from small independent merchants to local manufacturing companies to large corporations, relies on data to function efficiently. And all of that information is constantly at risk of being compromised.

Many organizations have been aware of these risks for years and have put in place rudimentary precautions. Companies are, however, increasingly experiencing multiple incidents in a single year, and the types of incidents are becoming more complicated. This is a direct result of the ever-expanding digital universe, which has been accelerated by the global pandemic and tightening data privacy regulations.

A single data breach can be catastrophic for a company on many levels, from disrupting day-to-day operations to causing reputational and brand harm if consumer data is stolen.

We can obviously come in and lead damage control and repair after the event as restructuring experts, but there’s also a lot of value in working with us before the worst happens. We can assess your systems and proactively strengthen them so that your company’s data is as secure as possible and that you have a plan in place to respond quickly if hackers do their worst.

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Shrinking Staffing Levels

The pandemic has had a major impact on every sector of business, but one of COVID-19’s less expected outcomes is what has been dubbed “the great resignation” by the media. People are abandoning their jobs in alarming numbers, devastating businesses in some cases, as they are faced with suddenly changing working circumstances and are often frustrated by their employer’s approach to the pandemic.

As restructuring consultants, we can’t always prevent people from leaving – it may be too late – but we can help you optimize your search for new hires while also retooling and refining the way your employees are treated in general, assisting you in implementing new human resources, talent development, and employee recognition efforts that will help ensure that the employees you have now, as well as any new ones you recruit, stick around.

Inflation and Supply Chain Challenges

Many firms are still dealing with supply chain issues, and they frequently lack the knowledge – or the steady, cool minds – to traverse them and implement the available alternatives. Another issue that can be difficult to account for and address in the right way is inflation, which is a worldwide concern on the minds of every business owner – and certainly the vast majority of their clients and consumers.

Our restructuring consultants’ greatest value to a company is often functioning as the unbiased, calm third party essential to help business executives take cool steps back to look at problems in a measured way, then devise and implement viable solutions.

Sales and Marketing Challenges

Your business will fail if your sales strategies do not succeed. This is also a major possibility if your marketing strategies are inefficient, underfunded, or plain antiquated. And if you make a marketing error, as far too many organizations have recently, and your business is challenged by what is now known as “cancel culture,” it might be the end of your company.

Our restructuring consulting services can involve both damage control after a botched marketing campaign or stalled sales, as well as proactive advice as to how to change up your sales and marketing operations now to stay ahead of the competition.

Sales and marketing are changing at a rapid rate that even established, huge organizations are finding difficult to keep up with, and it is frequently impacted by other external issues, such as a staff shortage that leaves a sales department severely depleted. We can help you guarantee that your newly reorganized business and its messaging reach the people you need them to reach, and do it in the most appropriate way, by leveraging the knowledge of professionals from across the Pearl Lemon Group.

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Whatever the Obstacle Pearl Lemon Consulting is ready to take on the challenge

We’ve only touched on a few of the issues that are causing businesses to fail today; there are many more. Pearl Lemon Consulting is up for the challenge, whatever it may be.

We’re fortunate in that we can call on the knowledge and experience of a wide range of professionals from both our own diverse Pearl Lemon Group and our extensive network of contacts and partner organisations to help you weather almost any storm and emerge even stronger on the other side, thanks to expert restructuring consulting.


Restructuring is a corporate action that entails materially changing a company’s debt, operations, or structure to reduce financial harm and enhance the enterprise.

A restructuring consultant helps an organisation objectively analyse its financial and operational challenges and recommends solutions to improve performance and efficiency. 

They work with management teams to develop and implement restructuring plans and support the organisation through the change process.

A restructuring consultant focuses on improving a company’s overall performance and operations, while a turnaround consultant focuses on addressing financial distress and restoring the company to financial health. Both types of consultants may work together in certain situations.

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