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Mastering and optimising cutting-edge technology, the adoption of ML-based automation, new platforms and digital channels, the development of new business strategies, and the use of AI-algorithms to manage customer experience are all things that ecommerce companies must monitor today.

All of this on top of the day to day demands of shifting customer wants and needs, as well as ecommerce marketing best practices that affect any retail business every day. To say the least, it’s a lot to deal with.

In today’s continuously changing ecommerce and technology market, a well-defined digital ecommerce strategy is crucial to optimizing your company’s performance and increasing your sales figures.  Pearl Lemon Consulting offers specialized ecommerce consultant services and planning skills to ecommerce organizations based anywhere in the world. so that they can keep ahead of market developments and increase their bottom line.

Our experienced ecommerce consultants will assist you in creating and delivering a seamless customer experience whether you operate your retail businesses on one of the popular ecommerce systems such as Magento Commerce, SAP Hybris, WooCommerce Shopify, and others, or have your own bespoke ecommerce platform.

Our ecommerce consultants can advise, coach, and assist you with everything from reviewing your current ecommerce site to developing a strategy to boost consumer engagement and increase sales to identifying omnichannel opportunities you may have missed and ensuring that you are building your brand the right way.

Use our enterprise-grade ecommerce consultant services to achieve your digital commerce objectives. To learn more, please contact us immediately.

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We'll Help You Optimise Every Conversion

Our ecommerce consultant team is comprised of ecommerce specialists that understand what converts and what doesn’t, and how to find out what will improve your conversions via a methodical strategy of A/B testing and analysis.

Pearl Lemon Consultants’ ecommerce consultant professionals can increase your conversion rates whether you’re a small business selling through your own Shopify store, an eBay store, or a larger organization selling a much higher number of goods through your own site. Every retail business is unique, and we keep that in mind at all times to ensure we provide the best advice possible.

Our eCommerce consultant experts have worked with a wide range of businesses and run hundreds of tests to determine what works and, maybe more importantly, what doesn’t. For example, we can identify areas of the ordering process that are unnecessarily complicated and could be simplified, resulting in fewer shoppers abandoning their shopping carts. Even modest changes like these can have an immediate positive impact on sales.

Retail Advertising Consulting

In terms of marketing and advertising, which is one of the largest expenses most retail businesses have, working with an ecommerce consultant can frequently make the most difference.

Our eCommerce experts can assist you in determining how to create a winning offer that sells, what process to send your prospects through, and how to actively engage your audience through social media promotions. You may have noticed that excellent social media advertising requires crafting well-planned, targeted, and compelling content for your target audience, but it also requires a well-planned, easy system for re-engaging and following up with that audience.

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Product Choice Consulting

Ecommerce consultant professionals at Pearl Lemon Consultants understand what separates a winning product from a losing one. Our ecommerce consulting team has been through the process more times than they can count, and we will assist you in identifying how to improve your present product line up, decide what to add to your inventories, and even determine the suitable pricing for those products.

Many of our advisors, for example, have previously employed a set of criteria to find winning products for an Amazon store. They’ll know what kind of search volume, sales, and competition to expect from a winning product, and they’ll be able to help you determine which opportunities are winners and which are losers.

Vendor Selection and Negotiation Consulting

Our ecommerce consultants are well-versed in the process of sourcing and purchasing products from vendors as team members at a successful ecommerce consultancy. They might be able to help you negotiate better prices with suppliers, improve the quality and consistency of your products, and save time by completing deals faster.

Improperly purchased goods can generate a plethora of issues, which an expert can help you avoid, increasing the viability of your products and, ultimately, your business. This is especially true now, with supply chains often being disrupted, delivery delays, and product shortages. Our ecommerce consultants can assist you in navigating and overcoming these additional obstacles, allowing you to keep your supply chain running even if your competitor is stuck.

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Customer Satisfaction Consulting


It’s vital to maintain track of your customer reviews and evaluations, but it may be time-consuming and even unpleasant, so it’s often forgotten. You can remain on top of how your consumers react to your products by having us assess how your company handles this vital activity, have needed improvements for your website or listings pointed out to you, and help guarantee that issues are rectified before unfavorable reviews result in lost sales.

Buyers and potential customers may have questions about your product that you are not answering adequately or quickly, or your website may be frustratingly slow or confusing. You may be unwittingly creating incorrect expectations or failing to present your products in the best light. As your ecommerce consulting firm, we can assist you with all of this and more to ensure that your consumers are not only content, but delighted.

Investigating New Markets with Pearl Lemon Consulting

With so many online markets to choose from, there are lots of opportunities to expand your ecommerce business to new platforms. However, each of these markets has its own set of rules, processes, and strategies.

Working under the guidance of an eCommerce consultant you can get up and running quickly in these new areas and enhance your sales. This is especially true for those retail businesses who are hoping to make a move from a primarily physical retail business to one that offers the kind of multichannel, hybrid shopping experience that so many consumers now actively seek out.

Are you interested in learning more about how an ecommerce consultant, namely Pearl Lemon Consultants, can help you take your ecommerce business to the next level? To learn more, contact us today and let’s talk about just how we can help you.

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