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Businesses must be able to assess their current situation, identify their ultimate destination or end objective, and strategically choose a plan of action to get there. A business that is focused on expansion must go through specific procedures that are restricting it and pinpoint areas that require change.

A professional versed in strategic planning best practices can assist in analyzing the possibilities and working with the company to choose a more specific, doable, and affordable course of action with the least amount of risk.

These specialists aid in the creation of more precise succession plans, boosts employee satisfaction and productivity, and create long-term business strategies for the organization.

You need an experienced strategic planning consultancy to handle your strategic planning needs to achieve growth and sustainability for improved strategic planning, design, implementation, and performance management.

With the aid of industry best practices, practical knowledge, and interactive exercises, our team of expert strategic planning consultants can guide your planning sessions and create a strong agile plan your business can ‘live’ – and grow by, no matter what size, stage or even industry it operates in.

Why Strategic Planning is So Important

The ongoing organizational process of using the information at hand to outline a company’s intended course is known as strategic planning. With the help of this process, the organization can effectively allocate resources, align shareholders and employees with its goals, and make sure those goals are supported by facts and reason.

It’s critical to stress that strategic planning is a continuous process, not a single meeting.

The majority of people view strategy as an action, but that is not how the world operates. We must react when confronted with unexpected opportunities and threats. We occasionally respond well; other times, not so much. However, this is how most strategies come into existence. Most of the time, a process that operates constantly in almost every industry produces the winning strategy.

Time, effort, and ongoing evaluation are necessary for successful strategic planning. Which is perhaps why so many businesses avoid it, or only do a half-hearted job. However, that extra effort – and yes often expense -is worth it, for many reasons, including all the following:

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Creating a Single, Understandable Guiding Vision

Every employee is impacted by strategy and strategic planning, which offers a practical means of achieving your organization’s objectives.

The creation of a unified, future-focused vision via strategic planning can help your business and its shareholders unite, which is a huge advantage. You can instill a greater feeling of responsibility within your firm by making everyone aware of the objectives of your business, the selection process that went into selecting those objectives, and what they can do to assist in achieving them.

There may be a cascading impact from this. For instance, if a manager doesn’t understand the strategy of your company or the thinking behind it, they may decide on a team level to work against it. Everyone at your company can operate with a bigger strategy in mind if you have a single vision for everyone to rally around. As your strategic planning consultancy we’ll help you create this and ensure that everyone who needs to be is on board.

Finds the Flaws and Spotlight Bias

The scope and depth of a business innovation consultant’s work will varya

You make decisions that are biased by nature. Participating in the strategic planning process pushes you to consider each decision you make, to justify it with statistics, projections, data or case studies, and to overcome any cognitive biases you may have.

Some examples of cognitive biases include:

  • Recency bias: The effect of recency the propensity to choose the choice that was most recently provided since it is still fresh in your thoughts
  • Obviousness bias: the propensity to think that the best course of action is the most obvious one
  • Inertia bias: The propensity to choose options that allow you to behave, feel, and think in a familiar manner.
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Find and Fix Faulty Business Processes

Confirmation bias is one cognitive bias that could be more challenging to spot in action. It is a tendency to simply pay attention to facts that support a given position when trying to validate it.

When creating a strategic plan for your business, if you already have a preferred approach in mind, you need to engage the help of people who have different perspectives to find evidence that supports or refutes your theory. This is just one of the valuable roles a strategic planning consultancy can fill. We can be that new voice and fresh set of eyes needed to overcome these often damaging biases.

Having said that, your entire team must put forth effort and commitment to combat biases in strategic decision-making, which can strengthen your organization’s strategy and this is something we will help you do too.

Set Goals That Can Be Both Tracked and Achieved

Tracking your progress toward goals can be made possible by having a strategic plan in place. The success of your firm can be directly impacted by each department’s and team’s progress when they are aware of the overall plan of the business, resulting in a top-down approach to tracking key performance indicators (KPIs).

KPIs can be established at the organizational level by designing your company’s strategy and identifying its goals. Then, these objectives can be expanded to include company divisions, departments, teams, and people. This makes sure that every level of your organization is in sync and can have a positive effect on the performance and KPIs of your company.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that your approach must stay flexible whilst being comprehensive and organized. The strategy of a company must change as it deals with new possibilities and problems. You will need to be ready to adjust your KPIs as your goals change, and let your organization know why.

Working with a strategic planning consultancy like Pearl Lemon Consultants should therefore not be considered a one time event. As your long term partner we will be available to help when your plans need to change, as well as to help you do the important work of reevaluating your plans on a regular basis.

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Strategic Planning Education for Business Leaders

We can, as we’ve mentioned, as your strategic planning consultancy, help guide you through what can be a complex and time consuming process every step of the way. However, we can also help you equip the leaders within your company with the skills to do so themselves on a regular basis, something that can be especially valuable in helping to ensure that your company remains as agile as it needs to be.

The education our experts can provide varies and will be tailored to meet your very specific needs. Our strategy courses and trainings can range from overviews of key ideas (like Economics for Managers) to in-depth studies of strategy frameworks (like Disruptive Strategy), as well as assignments made to assist you in developing a plan of action for a particular corporate objective (such as Sustainable Business Strategy).

These can also be offered in the format that best suits you. We can offer one on one training, group workshops, live presentations, video conference presentations and more.

The Pearl Lemon Consultants Difference

We are more than aware of the fact that we are not the ‘only game in town’ when it comes to strategic planning consulting, so why choose us?

The most obvious answer is that we can offer you a diverse team of experts who are fully versed in strategic planning best practices and have the recent, real world experience needed to help you create the forward thinking strategies your business needs to grow.

However, another important reason to choose us as your strategic planning consultancy is our commitment to you and to over delivering.

As we mentioned right at the start, strategic planning is time consuming and often complex, and even experts can be tempted to cut corners. We never do, especially when it comes to the work WE need to do to understand your business, its needs and challenges and even the people who are at its heart.

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To provide the bespoke strategic planning consulting services we are so proud of we take the time to do this, something that many of our competitors do not. And we make a commitment to stick around and help ensure that the plans you make are properly implemented, executed and even tweaked when needed. In short, we’re in this for the long haul, and available for as long as you need us.

Ready to discuss what a strategic planning consultancy can do for your business? Contact us today and let’s start finding out together.

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