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Every aspect of business, including management, sales, marketing, development, finance, procurement, production, legal, logistics, service, administration, engineering, etc., is impacted by effective negotiating techniques. Stronger negotiating abilities can be used and understood by all members of your team. Most importantly, your company’s performance will improve.

The Pearl Lemon Consultants negotiation consultancy team is uniquely suited to serve as either your partner and mentor in the negotiating process or to train your team to negotiate better outcomes for a wide range of goals and scenarios.

The team has successfully negotiated deals in every aspect of business and can bring that expertise and knowledge to the table to help businesses and teams across industries meet any number of negotiation challenges.

How Leading Organizations Have Benefited from Working with Us

Here are just a few of the ways that our negotiation consultancy clients have benefited from working closely with us to solve the negotation challenges that were holding their business back:

Turn Expensive Giveaways Into Consistent Revenue Generators

Are you frantically trying to complete the deal by “throwing in” valuable services and goods? These pricey gifts could become profitable products by using our techniques for articulating and showing value.

Our negotiation consultancy experts will help you learn how to get the proper value for the goods and services you sell while still leaving clients and customers feeling that they got a ‘great deal’.

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Close Bigger Deals

Larger bargains can be reached at the negotiating table by learning to recognize and reject typical negotiating strategies used by customers looking for a lower price.

Make Smarter Alliances

Partnerships and acquisitions can be highly beneficial to any business, but only if agreements are negotiated in the way. Our negotiation consultancy experts have helped broker many such deals, both large and small, not only to the advantage of our clients but to all parties involved.

Negotiation Consulting Services We Can Provide

As your negotiation consultancy we offer a bespoke service that will provide you with just what you and your business needs, rather than trying to force feed you a one size fits all program that will be ineffective at best and a waste of money at worst.

That having been said, there are a number of common reasons businesses come to us for our negotiation consultancy expertise that may help you better understand what we do and how we can help you once you understand what they are:

Business Negotiations

Some people view business negotiations as a series of sneaky games and ego competitions used to obtain the upper hand by repeatedly intimidating, unbalancing, or flustering the opposing party. However, if your “victory” makes the other side angry, resentful, and doubt your integrity, this negotiating strategy is really naive and ultimately doomed to fail.

At Pearl Lemon Consultants, we define a win as one in which both parties recognize and respect the benefits they received and are more likely to establish a lasting bond that will result in more and better possibilities down the road. This concept serves as the cornerstone of our negotiation consulting strategy and emphasizes the significance of using leverage sensibly.

Basic leverage is a tool in the eyes of a negotiator striving for a quick victory. However, effective leverage is the capacity to influence others to adopt your point of view. Positive leverage is the difference between a business that prospers from lucrative, ongoing partnerships and one that customers can’t wait to stop doing business with.

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Sales Negotiations

One of the areas in which we can proudly say that Pearl Lemon Consultants negotiation consultancy team outstrips its competition by far is in the area of sales negotiations. We show teams of all sales – and who are tasked with selling almost anything – how to up their sales negotiation skills to achieve all of the following and more:

  • Increase sales volume, market share, and new clientele
  • Boost earnings from each existing customer
  • Boost top line revenue and sales output.
  • Accelerate and shorten the buying and sales cycles
  • Learn how to stop relying on discounts
  • Increase the quality and longevity of their connections with clients
  • Accelerate the training of sales personnel
  • Become experts at prospect interviews to get better, quicker outcomes.
  • Create trust and credibility to inspire curiosity.
  • Sell on value rather than price
  • Become more adept at listening to consumers or prospects’ concerns and responding to them effectively.
  • Recognize how to handle disputes during the selling cycle.

Joint Venture and Partnership Negotiations

In order to create mutually beneficial connections with other businesses, all parties must be aware of and confident in the very specific value picture they are receiving. Our approach provides you with a strong, practical foundation for creating these crucial win-win negotiations.

Taking Care of Complex Value Issues

In order to create mutually beneficial aOur extensive experience with partnerships and M&A scenarios equips you with several tested tools for everything from building and advancing credible valuable arguments to neutralizing tactics and gamesmanship from the other side. Maintaining both teams’ focus on the most valuable outcomes requires particular discipline.connections with other businesses, all parties must be aware of and confident in the very specific value picture they are receiving. Our approach provides you with a strong, practical foundation for creating these crucial win-win negotiations.

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Taking Charge of the Process

The risk of misunderstanding, miscommunication, and process drift will be reduced by our logistical approach to managing team communication, team selection and macro and micro agendas, freeing you and your negotiation team to concentrate with the opposing party on the genuine merits of the agreement.

Buying Negotiations

You must be able to show that as a buyer, you have managed the procurement process to maximize business value. Our technique provides procurement executives with the best strategies to split transactions, establish advantageous leverage, and create strong, accountable relationships with your suppliers and partners.

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Stop Haggling Over Pricing

Are you sick of hearing the same debates over price, terms, support, and delivery? Our technique has been demonstrated to assist procurement executives and their teams in discovering the real value drivers of a transaction and illuminating them for both parties, concentrating the procurement process on clear-cut instances of mutual benefit.

Training and Preparation

In the run-up to a crucial agreement, several common blunders happen. We walk you through the methodical process of approaching the negotiation table with a compelling agenda and a clear understanding of the motives, goals, and outcomes required by both parties.

Conflict Negotiation and Resolution

Conflict cannot be avoided. However, it doesn’t have to be harmful. We demonstrate how to use our negotiating framework in step-by-step applications when tensions and stakes are high, illuminating areas of dispute and revealing a successful course of action.

External Conflicts

Learn to identify the underlying issues that threaten important relationships, and set up your partner and vendor teams as well as those of your clients to methodically diffuse conflict and find workable solutions.

Internal Conflict

A split team is an expensive team: Your relationships and revenue are all on the line when conflict arises between or inside teams, departments, or divisions and threatens to become poisonous. We instruct you on tried-and-true methods for handling and resolving internal issues.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Consultants?
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Negotiation Training at Every Level of Your Business

Our extensive trainings and courses on negotiation have an emphasis on the difficulties you encounter on a daily basis. Instead of simply teaching a series of bargaining games or techniques, our negotiation training seminars teach the framework, tools, and skills you need for highly effective negotiations. You can use our negotiation advice to your immediate benefit right away.

The instructors for all of Pearl Lemon Consultants’ workshops and courses have extensive backgrounds in sales, management, and vendor relations. Our understanding of the challenges your team encounters on a daily basis allows us to genuinely bring our curricula to life by addressing their problems and educating them on how to create more of the win-win scenarios necessary for lasting relationships.

Ultimately The Pearl Lemon Consultants negotiation consultancy services provide businesses with a team of stellar, seasoned, professional negotiators who improve our clients’ profitability by providing the tools and training necessary to ‘win smart’ at any negotiation table. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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