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It’s something you hear time and time again. Do your market research. You need to research your market. You need to understand your customers and what your target audience wants. And where you can best reach them.

But understanding that you need to do something and actually doing it are two very different things, especially when it comes to a field as complex as modern market research. However, with the help of a marketing research consultancy like Pearl lemon Consultants you can finally heed all of that advice and put the power of a better market understanding to work for you.

Why Market Research is Key to the Success of Any Brand

To start, let’s define “What Is Market Research?” It can be defined as the process of obtaining, analyzing, and interpreting data to assist in resolving marketing-related problems.

Any business should utilize market research for many different purposes because it helps you make informed choices, such as deciding whether it would be feasible to introduce a new product before investing time and money into the project. Or if now is the time to shift marketing dollars from PPC ads to social media marketing, or to begin making use of different content marketing types.

Performing market research is an essential step in creating your marketing plan in order to get the best possible results, including the best ROI. When done properly, it can assist in enhancing your marketing efforts, including understanding the needs of your target market and determining the important themes you should emphasize and how to do so.

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You should always be learning about your industry’s environment, your customers, and their requirements and preferences, so therefore treat it as an ongoing task. Since the environment is always changing, it’s crucial to do your research and comprehend the factors that can change and have an impact on your marketing strategies. But it’s also complicated and time-consuming.

As your market research consultancy we’ll help you cut through all the complications and make effective market research work for you. Our bespoke services are tailored to suit your unique needs and business, but some of the basics we’ll cover include all the following.

Ad Tracking Initiatives

Ad tracking is an essential part of any successful communications plan and serves as more than just a measurement tool to express the performance of your campaign and the effectiveness of your ad spend. If advertising tracking technology is used correctly, the data it provides should help guide your future activities too and help you get an even better ROI the next time around.

We help you monitor the success of your marketing and communication initiatives in real-time so you can rapidly identify what is effective and change your messaging as you go to achieve a more successful outcome.

Our adaptable ad tracking model integrates resources from several market research fields, such as Social Listening techniques, to offer useful contextual insights about why people are responding to your campaign in a particular way.

The end result is a more comprehensive overview of ad effectiveness and overall campaign effectiveness that not only aids in managing your current strategic plan efficiently but also provides invaluable data and insights for the next one too.

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Brand Development and Brand Tracking

You are (rightly) trying to establish a recognisable, positive brand for your business that resonates with your target audience. But how well are you actually managing to do that? As your market research consultancy, Pearl Lemon Consultants will help you find out.

More than ever before, your clients are savvy, doubtful, and demanding. They prefer better with less. They warmly welcome businesses that relate to them in more genuine and dynamic ways, share their beliefs, and adhere to their standards.

We develop important brands as a top worldwide brand strategy consulting company. We work with you to create a distinctive brand identity that will be important to your customers and business and then monitor how well your efforts are working, and determine what needs to change in order for you to become, and remain, a business brand your audience not only likes and respects but is willing to advocate for too.

Cultural Insights Market Research

As a market research consultancy, understanding the way consumers are thinking, and what is influencing that thinking is a passion of ours, as these understandings are what can turn a good marketing campaign into a stellar one, while also ensuring a business brand aligns with what its target market is looking for RIGHT NOW.

To analyze and understand the past, market research is frequently utilised. But it can be a more powerful tool when used to take a closer look at the future.

Thinking about where things are going is, in our opinion, more intriguing and useful. In order to uncover fresh ideas and foresee cultural movements before they gain popularity, our cultural insights team looks ahead by monitoring trends, competitive settings, and branded communication.

Our cultural insights consulting experts can inspire your next great idea, whether your goal is to develop a cutting-edge package for your product or establish an innovation pipeline for your business.

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Customer UX Consulting

Customer or client experience – good or bad, can make or break your next product launch, your day to day sales and, ultimately, the success or failure of your business. However, as a market research consultancy that works with a wide variety of businesses every day we know that customer UX is something that is far too often overlooked, and even, in some cases, ignored.

User experience has always been a key concern for consumers. There have never been more ways for customers to interact with your brand, from online to in-person. In our opinion, the optimal user experience starts with thorough consumer research to fully comprehend their wants and experiences as well as what best-in-class means to them.

Are users of your app using it as intended? Do they often interact online when shopping with your brand? What are their preferred shopping locations and times, and how can you facilitate the process?

Each output of our insights work, including research reports, concept ideas, and experience maps, is a tool that will enhance consumer interactions with your business, meaning that their experience is a better one, and as a result so is your bottom line.

Customer Journey Market Research

More than ever, your customers are in a position of power. And because of technology, customers have a virtually limitless number of ways to engage with your brand. The normal consumer path map is greatly complicated, yet this is great news for marketing reach if you can demystify the process and use it to your advantage.

Through the capture and decomplication of the entwined routes customers travel during their buying journey, we assist businesses in navigating this transformation. With the help of our thorough process, you can create a consumer journey map, patient journey map, or user journey map that better reflects the contemporary shopper journey and identifies chances to enhance customer experience across all of your brand’s touchpoints.

Our customer journey maps capture the key moments in your customers’ decision-making processes and your chance to impact those moments in a clear and engaging way.

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Website performance analysis

Communication Strategy Market Research

In today’s fast moving, always on world it’s not just what you say that will influence how consumers react to, and interact with your brand, but the way that you say it, and how you get that message across.

However, before a single word of new copy is written, a frame of new video shot or even a simple press release is distributed you need to understand not just what your target audience likes to hear but how their personal preferences and bias might influence the way they interpret what you say.

Doing this is complicated stuff, calling for market research skills and insights that it takes constant work and education to master and implement. The chances are good that even if you have an in-house marketing team they have not had the chance to gain these essential competencies to the highest levels. As your market research consultancy we can help change that.

Via one on one or group instruction we can show your in-house team how to make use of the latest listening tools and techniques to better understand just what your target audience wants to hear about, and just what they think about what you are saying right now and what your competition has to say too.

Once they know how to do this the content and messaging they create will be far, far more effective, and your business will also b able to avoid the messaging missteps that can derail a brand in a matter of minutes too.

No in-house marketing team yet? As your market research consultancy we can help there too. As a part of the larger Pearl Lemon Group we have connections with, and to, some of the best marketing and creative talent in the business. Once we, as your expert market research consultancy, have a firm grasp of the messaging that will resonate best with your target audience we will connect you with the people who can best provide it.

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