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Effective – and ongoing – workplace innovation is crucial, since many businesses must continually find innovative solutions to address their clients and customers’ needs and concerns in order to survive in today’s competitive market.

Despite the fact that 86% of executives agree that innovation is essential for a growth plan, just 6% of them are happy with their company’s inventive efforts, according to recent research. In other words, businesses require innovative solutions but are finding it challenging to develop and implement them.

While many companies seek to hire creative problem-solvers, it can be difficult for many employees to balance their everyday responsibilities with having the energy to contribute original, fresh ideas. It might be difficult for team members to see or implement strategic changes to their business when they are so close to the work they do every day or when they are used to offering a certain value for their clients.

This is the purpose of consultation. However, not all consulting is the same.

There are many types of consultants with varying areas of expertise. Each business often needs a different type of consultation help, but when it comes to innovation, the field and/or industry they operate in often does not matter so much, but the need for effective innovation does.

Innovation consulting can, therefore, be extremely helpful.But not all consultants, or even consulting firms, have what it takes to provide such a service. At Pearl Lemon Consultants, however, we are proud to say we most certainly do.

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What is Innovation Consulting Anyway?

The act of advising and guiding firms and organizations on new growth and business strategies is known as innovation consulting.

Innovation entails finding fresh ways to provide clients with value. Innovation consultants can open up new business opportunities for businesses across many industries, despite being frequently identified with the tech industry.

In this capacity, innovation consultants assist companies in developing and putting into practice creative strategies that innovatively support corporate goals.

To do this successfully, consultants themselves need to be out of the box thinkers open to practices and ideas that are often considered outside the accepted norm. Our innovation consulting teams are especially good at this as they have helped shape many of the companies within the Pearl Lemon Group, a group known to be very good at successfully doing things differently.

How Does Innovation Consulting Help?

Depending on the sector they help and the particular requirements of the client, an innovation consultant’s work will vary in terms of its breadth and substance. However, the following are some typical areas that an innovation consultant from Pearl Lemon Consultants can help with.

Find and Fix Broken Processes

Organizations do themselves a great harm when they repeatedly adopt the same, often inefficient, processes because that’s “what they’ve always done.” In addition to leaving little possibility for innovation, repeating the same processes can also foster inefficiencies and negative habits that can stifle business expansion.

As innovation consultants, we probe deeply into the systems and procedures that our clients employ and, where it makes sense, provide better alternatives and fixes that have the potential to significantly improve their financial situation.

We don’t do so lightly though. We take the time to not only understand what inefficient processes a business is using but also why they have been clinging to something that is often obviously not working very well.

There are always reasons – a fear of wasting money, a fear of overspending, a fear that employees will need additional training for new processes they may not know how to provide are some common examples – and by taking the time to understand and address them we can not only make better recommendations but also secure better buy-in for new processes from all the parties that will be affected if they are implemented.

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Provide a Fresh Set of Eyes and a New Voice of Reason

Sometimes it can make all the difference to view things from a new angle. Every client we work with benefits from our unique perspective as innovation consulting professionals.

Our recommendations can help clients open up new avenues for operation and much more. We can offer valuable insight that teams we work with may not perceive since they are too busy running their businesses to recognize where improvements could be made because we are both consultants knowledgeable in innovation strategy and that ‘fresh set of eyes’ that can be so crucial to true business innovation.

Help Clarify Your Vision

Do you have an idea of where you want your business to go but struggle to put that idea into words and put it into action? If so, by getting your ideas down on paper and taking action, we can help you gain clarity and make the innovative moves needed to propel your business forward.

We always try to make the best use of the chance we have as innovation consultants to draw out plans that can make your ideas a reality and to assist in doing so every step of the way.

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Help You Explore New Ways of Doing Business

The diversified team of professionals at Pearl Lemon Consultants has expertise working with a broad range of enterprises in a wide range of industries. On the other hand, you might not have access to these varied backgrounds when navigating your current business environment.

In order to help you and your business, we can share best practices and lessons we’ve learned from working with other clients, as well as show you new business strategies that have worked for others that you may have never considered trying for your firm.

Help You Identify New Growth Opportunities

A solid growth strategy is essential for businesses trying to create and market new goods and services. As your innovation consultants, we collaborate with you to offer insightful guidance for the demand and creation of new offerings and strategies for business expansion. And we can do so on an ongoing basis as your long term innovation consulting partner. No business can afford to stagnate or sit on its laurels, and we’ll help make sure yours does not!

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Support and Develop Your Teams

Any firm that prioritizes innovation must have a strong set of teams. We can offer the critical direction that evolving firms need to encourage employee development as your innovation consultants.

To help team members fill in the essential skill gaps and accomplish their professional objectives, we can help build concrete strategies for doing just that. We lay out the architecture that will enable you to close the performance gap between your workforce now and what it will need to do in the future to spur innovation.

Often this will involve training and education, much of which we may be able to directly supply, or to guide you to trusted and successful experts who can.

Additionally, we can assist you in identifying any areas where organizational processes may be hindering innovation and problem-solving. Your teams will be less able to truly innovate in ways that can lead to business prospects for growth if they are wasting valuable time trying to fix or work around failing systems. We will help you make such problems a thing of the past, allowing your teams to innovate in the way that you – and they – would love to.

Help You Find and Secure New Business

New business is crucial for many businesses striving to grow. As your innovation consultants, we collaborate with you to find new business ventures and markets, which are crucial for laying out your company’s future expansion. For the organizations they work with, innovation consultants can also offer insight into potential new business model options.

Companies aiming to start brand-new businesses can also benefit from receiving strategic guidance from innovation consultants. So even if yours is a very new business, we can help accelerate your growth right from the start.

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Help with Testing, Prototyping and Launches

Innovation consultants on the Pearl Lemon Consultants teams can also help clients make sure their new product or service is properly prepared to go to market, and makes a big splash when it does.

We can offer the expertise of consultants with experience in product design or development who can assist with the testing of new products to ensure they adhere to quality standards and can offer design and functionality recommendations for new items.

We can also offer a wealth of marketing expertise and assistance, especially in the ever changing world of digital marketing, a space in which many businesses continue to struggle to succeed in, let alone innovate in.

Ready to learn more about how working with Pearl Lemon Consultants’ innovation consultants will help you and your business meet and exceed the goals you have for the future? Contact us today and let’s get that important conversation started.

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