7 Clever Ways To Attract And Retain Top Talent With Our Targeted Solutions

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Retain Top Talent With Our Targeted Solutions
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A strong benefits package for employees has been shown to increase employee loyalty, skyrocket productivity, and assist in recruiting the top talent needed to grow any business.

However, the work, and it is a lot of work, of determining which employee benefits strategy you should offer and how you, as a business, are going to afford to do so without damaging other areas of your business, can seem insurmountable. Unless you work with an experienced and innovative employee benefits consultancy, that is.

With Pearl Lemon Consultants on their side, and doing much of the work they simply don’t have the time or even the expertise to do, businesses of all sizes, operating in every niche, can assemble and administer employee benefits packages that do exactly what they need them to – delight employees – while also ensuring that the offerings don’t become a financial drain on the business it cannot sustain.

The Pearl Lemon Consultants team have extensive experience in the field of employee benefits. After all, we serve as advisors to not just a wide range of SMB clients in all kinds of industries but also to the other member companies of the Pearl Lemon Group.

As diverse as that group is – it now includes everything from award-winning digital marketing and sales agencies to hugely popular café and catering businesses – we understand that the range of benefits that attract and retain employees often vary from industry to industry and according to employee demographic, so our employee benefits consultancy work is always bespoke: a one size fits all solution simply won’t work.

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What Employee Benefits Are We Talking About Here?

As any UK employer is aware, there are a number of mandatory benefits that must be offered to any and all employees. With some of these benefits, there is no leeway or choice involved, but with others there may be ways to take even standard benefits and make them more appealing than those offered at other firms, and if that’s the case, as your employee benefits consultancy Pearl Lemon Consultants will help you find them.

Then there are the additional perks and benefits that employees are overwhelmingly looking for today (more on that soon.) These can take many forms, from simple perks like free coffee, or offering an office lunch, to larger benefits like a company car, or ‘common sense’ employee benefits like rail travel reimbursement.

There are also an increasing number of less usual employee benefits that some businesses are making excellent use of to attract and retain talent over their rivals. These are inspired, in part, by the way the ‘big boys’ like Apple and Google recruit the best staff, and can be unexpectedly effective in some instances. Working with Pearl Lemon Consultants as your employee benefits consultancy will help you determine if such ‘out of the box’ solutions will be right for you.

What Benefits are Employees Looking For?

As we’ve mentioned, benefits can be a major deciding factor for employees in all kinds of industries and niches.

Flexible hours

Flexible working is high on employees’ wants list, even more so now than ever before with many having become accustomed to remote work during the pandemic. It is highly valued to be able to work remotely, choose your own hours, and maintain a better work-life balance.

This includes components like paid time off for individuals who need to take care of others. Research has shown that some employees – especially those in the younger Gen Z and Millennial demographics – will accept a lesser salary in exchange for the increased flexibility.

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Thanks to technological advancements like conference call capabilities and remote system access, it is now quite straightforward for employers to conduct business anywhere. The productivity of employees who operate remotely may need to be tracked by some companies, but there are numerous software options that can provide you with detailed information about how your staff spend their days or how much time on calls and when working with Pearl Lemon Consultants as your employee benefits consultancy, we will be able to help you find and implement the right ones for your needs if you

Your company might not require this level of micromanagement as long as the work is completed on schedule. When working with us, we will work with both you and your employees to negotiate a remote work policy that is acceptable to everyone and that will get the best results for your business’ unique needs.

Flexible Leave

Flexible yearly leave is another highly regarded perk. Huge media attention has been given to companies like Netflix and Linkedin about the implementation of unlimited annual leave for employees. For long-term employees, flexible leave may also take the form of an extended sabbatical or benefits like an extra day off on their birthday.

When you work with Pearl Lemon Consultants as your employee benefits consultancy we will help you create a leave policy that will be both appealing to current and future employees, follows all government mandated guidelines and yet still helps to ensure the smooth day-to-day operations you need for your business to thrive.

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Free Food

Another favourite employee benefit that is often cited in recent research is free food and beverages. People still love the thought of getting something for nothing, thus this benefit is always in demand, and there are many other benefits of catering – literally – to your employees, including increased productivity, better health (as you will be providing healthy food) and the elimination of all that lost time spent ordering (and then picking up) takeaways!

One of the big advantages of working with Pearl Lemon Consultants if you are in the London area is that, as a part of the Pearl Lemon Group, we can even set you directly with some of the best catering options for business via our own catering companies.

Education and Development

Since the majority of talents are transferrable, it is hugely valuable for the employee, whatever they do, to upskill in today’s world of rapid change. As an employee benefit, the provision of ongoing education and training is another one that people find hugely attractive. The company also gains a team member who is more well-rounded, therefore it’s a win-win situation.

As your employee benefits consultancy, we will help you find, and implement, the best educational and training offerings to suit both your firm’s needs and those of your employees that still offer a great financial ROI in the short term as well as greater employee satisfaction and employee retention in the longer term.

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Subscription and Fee Payment for Professional Organisations

A lot of people value this perk for employees. The standard rate for many professional groups is between £300 and £400 per year, which is not excessive for an employer but can be a welcome addition to the overall remuneration package for essential team members.

A Better Work Environment

On all kinds of levels, nothing can replace a positive work environment in the context of overall employee benefits. Why wouldn’t you try to provide this? There is plenty of evidence to suggest that our working environment, even including things you might not think about, like the office colour scheme, plants, and other elements, has an impact on our productivity.

According to research, employees want to feel proud to show visitors around their workplace and have an environment to work in that is comfortable, safe and welcoming.

This may encompass a lot of different elements, and as your employee benefits consultancy we can help you determine just how you can go about improving the work environment your employees offer that still stays within the limits of your budget and the realms of possibility of the spaces themselves.

Wellness Programs

Big companies can offer employees things like an onsite gym, but the chances are that your business just can’t do that. However, you can still offer plenty of the kinds of wellness benefits that employees love, and when working with us, we can show you how.

For example, subsidized gym memberships are a fantastic option if you lack the physical capability for an on-site gym. It also offers the added benefit of aiding in team fitness, which improves productivity and mental wellness.

But gym memberships are not the only wellness benefits you can offer. Subscriptions to wellness and mental health apps are popular employee perks, as are ‘lunch and learn’ visits from professionals. You may also be able to build in things like an incentive to walk or bike to work to your employee benefits package. When we come onboard as your employee benefits consultancy, we’ll help you explore all of these options and more to determine which of them might work best for you.

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Why Work With Pearl Lemon Consultants?

As employee benefits are a hot issue, we are more than aware of the fact that an increasing number of firms are offering employee benefits consulting services. So why choose Pearl Lemon Consultants?

Our extensive and varied experience with working with firms of all sizes and across all kinds of niches is one big reason. We can work as well with a restaurant as we can with a corporate entity.

Then there is our unwavering commitment to providing consultancy services that are both bespoke and exceed our client’s expectations. The success of your employee benefits programmes, and by extension your business itself, is as important to us as it is to you, and we can’t wait to prove that to you.


Employee Benefits Consultancy is the process of advising companies on their employee benefits programs and helping them design and implement benefits plans that meet the needs of both the employer and employees.

We stay up-to-date on the latest laws and regulations affecting employee benefits and work with companies to ensure their benefits plans meet all legal requirements.

Our process involves conducting a comprehensive analysis of the company’s needs and goals and then working with the company to design and implement a customised benefits plan that meets their specific needs.

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