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Whatever your business does, at some point, digital technology is involved in its day to day operations. For some, take away that technology and their business will be instantly and severely impacted. But getting business digital technologies right, and making use of the many options available to them is increasingly a challenge that many businesses are finding it hard to overcome, which can be where digital transformation consulting comes in.

Digital transformation consulting can assist businesses in gaining new business value via the use of technology. One of the most popular reasons companies hire digital transformation consultants is to get goods and services to market faster and with less risk. But it can also help businesses

Each consulting firm is unique, but in general, their services will look at more than simply a company’s IT purchasing and deployment decisions. At Pearl Lemon Consulting we certainly do.

This is because the underlying social structure—the people, their work styles, and how they’re organized—plays a role in delivering improved consumer experience and business outcomes through technology. To put it another way, digital transformation consulting is more socio-technical than simply advice about using technology or what new software to buy.

What is the Real Purpose of Digital Transformation Consulting?

The ultimate goal of a digital transformation strategy – and therefore the digital transformation consulting that will help create that strategy – should be to improve the consumer experience, whether that consumer is external to the firm or an internal user.

This can be accomplished through hastening the deployment of technology and optimizing its influence across a company. When people, processes, and technology come together to effect business results like customer experience, digital transformation consulting services are most successful.

By equipping teams across a business with methods to evaluate new technology and deal with rapid change, businesses can consistently keep up with technological disruption.

Digital Transformation Consulting
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But you can’t expect to employ any digital transformation consultant – the Pearl Lemon Consulting team included – and have all the work done for you.

It is impossible to outsource or delegate digital transformation to a company like ours to manage alone. Strong leadership is required for digital transformation, typically on an individual level as well as through a guiding coalition within the firm.

Consulting services like ours are frequently used since we have experience implementing digital transformation strategies in a variety of enterprises across a variety of industries. This outside perspective serves as a counterbalance to the insider perspectives of individuals in charge of digital transformation within an organization.

Understanding The Different Perspectives on Digital Transformation

Many IT topics are described using the term “digital transformation,” and so it’s become a term which is sometimes abused and often misused. It can refer to new architectures, such as microservices, as well as new processes, such as DevOps, and new technology, such as containers and application programming interfaces (APIs). Although any of them might be part of a digital transformation program, none of them considers the big picture.

The adoption of a “cloud-native” strategy is frequently included in the more holistic definitions of digital transformation. Cloud-native enterprises do not necessarily host their applications on the cloud, but they do design, execute, and upgrade their apps using well-known cloud computing methodologies and technologies. Working practices, software architecture, and organizational structure are all part of this.

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Cloud-native development is a common strategy to digital transformation, especially for businesses looking to build on technological investments made before the introduction of cloud computing.

Not every digital transformation endeavor will result in cloud-native development approaches being adopted. Other options include investing in automation or simply shifting to a technology-focused business model from the start.

Whether you take a cloud-native strategy to digital transformation or not, the crucial point is that it’s less about the technology you use and more about how you address problems and respond to them. And that is one of the areas that a digital transformation consulting team can be most helpful with.

The Pearl Lemon Consulting Approach to Digital Transformation Consulting

Most businesses struggle with digital transformation because they assume technology alone can fix their problems. Organizations are held back by challenges such as organizational friction, a lack of psychological safety, cognitive overload within teams, a lack of empowerment and autonomy, or insufficient governance, process, and product lifecycle management.

They may succeed in adopting or inventing a new technology, but due to unmet socio-technical problems, they do not see the desired or expected return on investment.

Our digital transformation consulting strategy is to match your team’s ideas with the best techniques and technologies available in open source communities. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of all kinds of business technology, open source communities, and the key transformative behaviors required to maximize the potential of your team.

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Digital Transformation Consulting
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We don’t believe in a single mandated methodology or practice, unlike some digital transformation consulting businesses. We have over 100 open practices that have been field-tested to help you accelerate cultural change and build high-performing teams.

For example, we’ve discovered that social contracts, pair programming, and methods that foster transparency, psychological safety, and trust are critical components of high-performing problem-solving teams.

We know that in consulting in general, there is no such thing as one size fits all solutions. We take the time to understand as much as we can about the current challenges you are facing, what your hopes are for the technology your business employs, and the future challenges that new technologies may be able to help with. Only when we have that understanding do we even begin to think about offering advice.

We are also committed to becoming a long term consulting partner. Digital transformation is an ongoing process, because digital technology changes and evolves all the time. As your digital transformation consultants, we’ll help ensure that your business keeps pace with these changes and deploy and/or retire and replace current systems and processes on an as needed basis.

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