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A Digital Consultancy London That's About More Than Just Digital Marketing

When people think about the need to work with a digital consultancy London they usually think of digital marketing. Which makes sense. If you are not making the most of digital marketing, the simple fact is that you are going to get left behind, even if you actually offer all of your products and/or services exclusively in the ‘physical world.”

When you work with Pearl Lemon Consultants as your digital consultancy London, you certainly do get access to some of the best, and most innovative, minds in digital marketing. 

Our consultants are not only good at digital marketing; they can be considered pioneers, as we’ve been undertaking many of the most important and successful digital marketing practises for a lot longer than many other consulting firms. The first company founded within the Pearl Lemon Group – Pearl Lemon itself – was a 100% digital concern long before other marketing firms made that move, and it is these founding minds who now also head up our digital marketing consultancy team. 

However, when we talk about being a digital consultancy London, we are referring to a lot more than just marketing. Digital now touches almost every aspect of doing business across a huge range of industries and niches. The pandemic accelerated this digital transformation, and the rapid rise of things like AI is seeing things move even faster. To keep up, you’ll need expert help, and Pearl Lemon Consultants are the best option to provide it. 

Our digital consultants help organizations make informed decisions about how to leverage digital tools, platforms, and processes to improve their business operations, increase efficiency, and create a competitive advantage.Here are just some of the ways hiring us as your digital consultancy London will benefit your business right now and for years to come: 

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Digital Marketing

Digital technology has revolutionized marketing, allowing businesses to target customers more precisely through websites and apps, social media marketing and advertising, email marketing, and online advertising campaigns.

But now it’s going even further than that. The most innovative digital marketing campaigns are making use of new, far less understood digital technology, such as gamified marketing, VR experience marketing, NFT marketing and whatever else arrives next week (yes, digital marketing is moving that fast) 

When you work with Pearl Lemon Consultants as your digital consultancy London, you’ll gain a team – yes, we work with you, not just for you – who make it their business to stay on top of digital marketing best practices and trends in real time, 24/7. If it’s new and buzzworthy, we’ve already tried it out, tested it, and know if it’s worth the hype. And we can pass all of that expert knowledge – and the fruits of some serious labour – onto you. 


Online selling through an e-commerce platform allows businesses to reach a wider audience, offer more personalized customer experiences, and sell products 24/7 without geographical limitations.

Many businesses were forced online by the pandemic, but in their hurry to do so, they didn’t quite get things right and are not yet making the most of what e-commerce can do for their business. If that sounds like you, then working with our digital consultancy London will change all that. 

We won’t just tell you what we think you should do, though. Our consultants will take the time to understand your business, the products and services it offers, your target audience and ideal clients, and how expanding, tweaking, and/or updating your e-commerce strategy will improve everything, especially your bottom line. 

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consulting

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a software solution that helps businesses manage their interactions with customers and prospects. Here are some of the ways a CRM can help businesses:

  • Centralized Customer Data: A CRM system centralizes customer data, including contact information, purchase history, and communication history, in one place. This makes it easier for businesses to access and use customer data to improve sales and customer service.
  • Improves Customer Service: A CRM system allows businesses to track and respond to customer inquiries and complaints more effectively. By providing customer service representatives with complete customer data and histories, a CRM can help them quickly and efficiently address customer issues.
  • Enhances Sales Management: A CRM system provides businesses with a complete view of their sales pipeline, including leads, opportunities, and deals. This helps sales managers monitor sales performance, forecast sales revenue, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Automates Sales and Marketing Processes: A CRM system can automate sales and marketing processes, such as lead nurturing and follow-up, email marketing, and social media marketing. This can help businesses save time and resources and improve sales and marketing efficiency.
  • Provides Analytics and Insights: A CRM system provides businesses with analytics and insights into customer behavior, preferences, and needs. This helps businesses make informed decisions about sales and marketing strategies, product development, and customer service initiatives.
  • Increases Efficiency and Productivity: A CRM system can help businesses increase efficiency and productivity by automating manual processes, providing centralized customer data, and improving collaboration and communication among sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

The problem many businesses run into, however, is choosing, and then effectively using, the CRM that works for them. Our digital consultancy London team will help you solve that problem, while also ensuring that when we have discovered what will work for you everything is properly implemented and those who will need to interact with it are both on-board with the idea and fully trained. 

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Virtual Collaboration and Remote Work Consulting

By now, the chances are that you know that where it is even vaguely possible, an increasing number of people would prefer to work remotely, at least part of the time. In fact, one of the biggest challenges facing many firms is attracting and retaining the top talent they need without being able to offer a robust remote work and virtual collaboration system. 

The Pearl Lemon Consultants are the perfect digital consultancy London to help any business make the world of remote work an effective tool they can utilize, as we have never done things any other way. We founded and grew multiple six figure companies in a 100% remote environment, and we can show you how to do the same. 

Cloud Computing Consulting

Even if yours is a 100% physical business – we have those too – cloud computing provides a secure way to store and access data remotely, which helps businesses save money on hardware and IT staff, increase data security, and ultimately make more money. 

Pearl Lemon Consultants can offer a lot of cloud computing consultancy London expertise: 

  • Assess Business Needs: Our cloud computing consultants work with clients to identify their business needs and determine if cloud computing is a good fit. This includes conducting a thorough analysis of the client’s current IT infrastructure, applications, and data storage needs.
  • Develop a Cloud Strategy: Based on the extensive business needs assessment, the cloud computing consultant our digital consultancy London assigns to you will then develop a cloud strategy that outlines the best cloud solutions to meet your needs. This strategy will include selecting the right cloud platform, choosing cloud services, and identifying any security and compliance requirements.
  • Manage Cloud Implementation: Once a cloud strategy is developed, your cloud computing consultant will manage the implementation of the cloud solution. This can include migrating data and applications to the cloud, setting up cloud-based systems and services, and ensuring that everything is running smoothly.
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  • Provide Technical Support: When you choose us as your digital consultancy London, we are in it for the long run. Your cloud computing consultant will provide ongoing technical support, including troubleshooting, problem resolution, and system maintenance. 
  • Ensure Data Security: As businesses move their data and applications to the cloud, security becomes a critical concern. We work with clients to ensure that their data is secure, complying with industry regulations, and establish a disaster recovery plan in case of system failures or cyber attacks.
  • Train Staff: Pearl Lemon Consultants’ cloud computing consultants will provide training to staff to help them understand how to use the cloud solution and maximize its benefits. This may involve training employees on how to access and use cloud-based applications, data, and services, and even maybe persuading some people that it’s a good idea at all. But whatever is needed in order to make cloud computing work for you, as your digital consultancy London we’ll always be there to help. 

These are just some of the ways that Pearl Lemon Consultants can help you embrace everything that the digital world has to offer your business. To learn more about exactly how our digital consultancy London team can help you, get in touch with us today and let’s get that conversation started. 

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