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Every business has to start somewhere, and there are more people taking the plunge and starting up their own business than ever before on both sides of the Atlantic. Maybe it was the pandemic, maybe it’s disillusionment with the ‘old ways’ or maybe it’s a great new idea that seems kind of crazy to some that has you on the path to building a startup business or – as is often the case – a combination of all three. But the one thing you do know you really need is some expert help. But is there such a thing as a startup consultancy?

Startups really do require expert advice and implementation assistance in a wide range of business areas, from basics like growth strategy and competitor analysis, business management, HR processes, and financial planning to things like effective brand building. marketing and even culture building. But whatever you need, the chances are good that Pearl Lemon Consulting is the consultancy for startups you need.  

While most entrepreneurs have the vision and passion to start a business, as well as amazing ideas, they commonly lack the basic management and leadership skills required to run it, help it grow, and continue doing what they do best, the work that inspired them to start the company in the first place.

This is one of Pearl Lemon Consulting’s strongest suits. We are part of the Pearl Lemon Group, which is made up of firms that are in some cases still in the early stages of startup.

This obviously means that our startup strategy consulting professionals have current experience with – and memory of – the problems that today’s startups face. Unlike large, soulless consulting firms that generally only understand the theory behind starting a business in the twenty-first century, we approach everything we do in terms of startup strategy consulting with a ‘been there, done that’ – and often learned the hard way – attitude that, according to our clients, is both refreshing and effective.

In short, we understand your suffering, we’ve felt your pain and we fully understand what you’re going through. We’re perfectly placed to help you in a variety of ways that most others offering consultancy for startups just can’t.

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Consultancy For Startups?

There are a multitude of reasons to hire consultants like Pearl Lemon Consulting’s startup consulting team. If you want to hear them all, give us a call; we’ll be happy to go over them with you in detail. For the time being, though, let’s look at some of the most significant benefits of working with us.

Adding the Missing Ingredients to the Recipe

Perhaps your team excels at design and coding, but you struggle with marketing. Perhaps you are a marketing expert with a creative co-founder, but you require assistance with business strategy. Consultants are helpful in a multitude of instances like these for helping you in locating – and often providing – short-term, specialized personnel.

It is a rare startup that can afford to hire everyone they need to keep their company running and growing. Until that situation changes, they’ll have to think outside the box. Among other things, startup strategy consultancy will show you how to handle the legal issues of creating a formal organization, how to properly manage your finances, and how to stay on the right side of regulatory bodies.

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Helping You to See the Big Picture

We typically use what we term a consultative intervention when working with startups.

Every company requires a vision and a strategy. Not only the one in the imaginations of the founding partners, but a written plan that can be communicated with employees, prospective employees, banks, investors and

Reflecting and stepping away from the everyday grind to formalize these ideas should be a priority, but for many startup owners, it isn’t because they have a business to run.

To attract new customers, deliver the goods, handle the accounting, and feed the interns lunch, you must keep your foot on the gas and think outside the box, fast. And that’s only the beginning. That’s why you’ll need an outside force to drive you to take a step back from your daily routine and consider the big picture. Otherwise, it will never happen, and your company will either stagnate or fail completely.

The vast majority of startup founders understand that the odds are stacked against them, and that the lion’s share of new businesses fail rapidly. One of the best ways to ensure business survival is to have a business management and development plan in place, and our startup strategy consulting team will help you build those initiatives, get them up and running, and then lay out a strategy to help you stick to them.

Get Your Hands on Our Influential Contacts

Professionals at the top of their fields have spent years cultivating strong networks; without them, no one worth paying a consulting fee would be where they are today. That is certainly true of our consultants for startups team, because all of the people who helped them build their businesses are now available to our clients who require their services.

Our consulting team has a wide range of talents and experience, from accounting to legal work to sophisticated approaches like Lean Management. And if they don’t know that much about something, they likely know someone who does and can help you learn more about it.

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Learn from Our Mistakes

As previously stated, if you are going to work with someone on startup consulting, it is vital that you work with someone who has been where you are now.

This is something that Pearl Lemon Consulting can definitely help with. What is your fantastic concept that has never been done before? It hasn’t worked for us after five tries. You know that hotshot hire you’ve been eyeing? We’ve already made that hire twice, and both times it’s been a disaster.

What about the potential joint venture? We’ve accepted identical ones a dozen times and know how a minor change in one clause can make or break a business. Should you lease or buy your office space? Should you fund yourself or seek outside help? Is it preferable to sell your stock or keep it? Is issuing shares really necessary at all? We’ve made similar choices in the past and are familiar with all the possible outcomes.

Aside from the desire to make money, which everyone has, most people, including our team, enter startup consulting to help others avoid the mistakes, missteps, and overall pain they have already experienced. And it’s a rare person who spends a significant amount of time learning something and then refuses to share what they’ve learned with others.

Startup strategy consulting will assist you in enhancing, refining, and properly planning whatever your startup does, as well as ensuring that your business idea becomes a viable enterprise you can be proud of (and that makes money). Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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