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Agile businesses frequently have self-organizing teams. When a problem, scenario, or opportunity occurs, interested parties with the necessary skill sets can swiftly gather and address the issue. However, for an organization to support this spontaneity, a stable structure must undergird the surface reactions, which include:

Processes and governance to ensure proper decision-making and consensus

Infrastructure to support the underlying platform and quick action by personnel

Legacy product support, ongoing engagements, and current customers

Many executives struggle with relinquishing control and delegating decision-making authority. Finding the right amount of freedom and oversight can be difficult. Those at the top of the pyramid may be unhappy that the org chart is being dismantled and less-experienced employees are being given the authority to make crucial decisions.

The effectiveness of business agility is dependent on it infiltrating the organization, which includes everyone from budgeting to human resources, manufacturing to marketing. And, as more business models migrate to a service/rental model rather than a one-time purchase, the need to promptly resolve customer satisfaction issues is heightened because customers can cancel, affecting a company’s revenue and reputation.

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The Importance of Product Management in Business Agility

Product management is critical in gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information. Product management has data that is vital for empowering autonomy, ranging from customer feedback and market statistics to release details and roadmaps. This enables the organization’s various elements to make educated decisions and understand their possible impact and overall strategy.

If self-organizing teams are tasked with formulating plans, they must be aware of the existence of all the information. They must have ready access to both the data and the subject matter expertise of product management. Product managers can act as both consultants (answering queries and providing insights and recommendations) and facilitators (charting out possible execution techniques).

Speed is frequently a double-edged sword in product management. While product managers strive to respond fast to consumer input and industry developments, rushing to launch the incorrect features and products doesn’t help the organization. Before beginning actual product development, product managers must maintain and spread the value of rigorous research, experimentation, and validation.

While this may appear to be paradoxical, product teams only have so many bullets. Before they fire, they want to be sure they’re aiming for the right item. It’s usually a good idea to connect agile decisions to quantitative outcomes.

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Product management can also help to spread the message throughout the organization that it’s OK to be incorrect as long as you can find it out soon. While executives value data, they do not necessarily welcome the experimental atmosphere that produces decisive inflection moments for power decision making.

Product managers can help advance agile techniques beyond backlogs and sprints by embracing agile concepts prior to product development (such as concept definition and prioritization) and post-release (from sales and marketing to operations and customer service).

Why You Need Agile Business Consulting Help

Some of the hurdles to implementing corporate agility are ego, fear, and overconfidence. It is a paradigm change that is unsettling for some personnel at all levels of the firm.

However, given today’s economic climate and even worker attitudes, maintaining a rigorous, command-and-control managerial style is rarely a recipe for long-term success.

Some businesses plunge headfirst into the world of business agility. Others can gradually implement some of its aspects while continuing to use more traditional business techniques in other areas. Even incremental gain puts a company on a better footing when it comes to responding to altering landscapes and emerging technology.

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Even self-awareness of where the company is more inflexible and less able to react is important for organizations hesitant to make the move. Knowing those specific constraints helps put a greater emphasis on anticipating unpleasant adjustments. Business agility is not straightforward; nonetheless, neglecting its benefits could be disastrous for organizations that persist in traditional ways of doing business.

So what can you do? Work with consultants who can help you avoid those pitfalls, embrace all of the benefits and implement business agility in a way that makes sense for the individual business, the products being developed and the people doing the work. At Pearl lemon Consulting our business agility consulting team is ready to step up and be that help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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